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Author: Natasha broom

Home Decoration

9 Ideas for Summer Decorating with Beautiful Flowers and Candles 

When summer comes, maybe you are looking for decoration ideas with beautiful flowers and candles. A combination of colorful flowers and candles can be a lovely decoration. It’s perfect for romantic event and also to beautify your home. You can embellish your coffe table, dinning table or kitchen. Its beauty is adorable and touch your heart. The light candle will bring calmness, peace, and warmness into your mind.

Home Decoration, Interior Design

Best Multipurpose Room for an Amazing Use of Space 

Ideally a dwelling consists of some rooms in accordance with its function. Sometimes, you’ll find difficulties to set the room especially for the small space. You have to arrange the items wisely to optimize the use of the space. There are several ways that a narrow space can be used with multi functions, one of them is dividing the space. By dividing the space you can create best multipurpose room for an amazing use of space. Let’s check the ideas one by one!

Interior Design

Ways to Create Indoor Space that Feels Like the Outdoors 

Outdoor concept is identical with fresh air, nature, and and growth. Almost people love to enjoy open-air because its natural freshness. Recent, many resaturants which are designed as open- restaurant to give their customers natural view. As well as recent home designs, outdoor is the popular concept. If you are interested to find several ways to create indoor space that feels like outdoor, let’s check the ideas!

Interior Design

10 Small Space Home Office Design Ideas 

Generally, office is a workplace or a room to work administratively. Not only at the office, you may also need to do your overtime work at home. Surely, whatever job you do you need a computer and workspace at your home. Don’t discourage if you have no wide space in your home. You can utilize your small space to work whisc is usually called home office. How come? So, let’s check these inspirational home office ideas for you.

Large panel bifold
Interior Design

10 Easy Ways to Fill Your Apartment with Natural Light 

In building apartment there are some elements are important to consider, one of them is lighting. The function of lighting is not only to illuminate the room of apartment, but also to beautify it. There are two type of lighting to fill your apartment such as artificial light sources and natural light sources . Artificial light sources is incandescant bulbs, halogen lamps, compact florescent light etc. Natural light comes from the stars and the sun. To save energy you can fill your apartment with natural light by optimizing daylight as follow: