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Large panel bifold
Interior Design

10 Easy Ways to Fill Your Apartment with Natural Light 

In building apartment there are some elements are important to consider, one of them is lighting. The function of lighting is not only to illuminate the room of apartment, but also to beautify it. There are two type of lighting to fill your apartment such as artificial light sources and natural light sources . Artificial light sources is incandescant bulbs, halogen lamps, compact florescent light etc. Natural light comes from the stars and the sun. To save energy you can fill your apartment with natural light by optimizing daylight as follow:

Farmhouse vegetable garden
Garden and Outdoor

15 Lovely Raised Vegetables Garden Ideas 

To create the right size for your vegetable garden, pick the right location that are sunny, have a good soil and stable environment. Start with small plot size that is about 16×10 feet and choose a feature crops that are easy to grow for beginner. Space your crop properly because plants that is set too close will compete for sunlight, water and nutrition and fail to mature; pay attention to the spacing guidance on seed packets and plant tabs. Use high-quality seeds and water properly.

Monochromatic pink color scheme
Interior Design

15 Inspiring Monochromatic Bedroom Ideas 

The easiest decorating pallets to execute but can also be one of the most difficult things to do is decorating a monochromatic color scheme. A monochromatic space uses varying tints and shades of single color to great effect while mixing various textures while keep it interesting. If it’s done wrong, your space will become boring room with no variety or interest. The misconception of monochromatic scheme is that using only one hue throughout a room without variation.

Fairy garden made of wood pieces
DIY Ideas

16 Tiny and Adorable Magical DIY Fairy Garden Ideas 

If you decided to make a fairy garden, choose the proper container that is interesting and fun. Also consider to use a good weed free potting soil; wet your soil prior to pressing it into your container to make it easier to design your garden and mold it with hills and valleys. Choose a spot that have good lighting for your fairy garden. Once you have done with it, you can begin to plant your fairy plants.

Tree bookshelves
Interior Design

15 Fun and Amazing Ways to Display Books 

Showing off your book collection is never goes out in style. Book brings color, warmth and personality to your space and it is also fun to curl up with. You can store your book with a simple open-backed shelving unit that is unique and could be a useful for a room divider. It is offer the illusion of a separate space without completely closing it off visually and it is allow light to flow through to both sides of the room and provide storage at the same time.