What is the most popular winter activity? Build a snowman, of course! But what if it’s too cold outside? If you find yourself in this situation, worry not, browse through these outdoor decoration snowmen. Then figure out what is your favorite ones that you are trying to create in this holiday season.

You can either store-bought the snowmen and decorate it at home or use our DIY outdoor decoration snowmen. No matter which one you’ll choose, with these outdoor decoration snowmen ideas are sure to warm your heart during the cold months. 

1. DIY Shovel Outdoor Decoration Snowmen

Turn your old shovel in the garage into something cute! You’ll need a snow shovel, black paint, white paint, orange paint, red ribbon, and a paintbrush. The next step, paint white the metal part of your snow shovel, paint the snowman’s face, and tie a ribbon around the handle. This outdoor decor is perfect for all winter long!

Amazing DIY snowman outdoor decoration shovel with black painted shovel, red and white patterned ribbon, and gold beads.
Incredible DIY snowman decoration with a shovel painted in blue, with snow pattern, and pine tree leaves.
Extraordinary DIY snowman decoration with shabby wood, decorated with pine leaves and ribbons.
Awesome DIY snowman decoration with pine leaves, small pies, and balls.
Gorgeous DIY snowman decoration with a shabby wooden shovel, decorated with blushed red ribbon to make it looks festive.

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2. Terracotta Pot Outdoor Decoration Snowmen

If you are on a budget, these fun-loving outdoor decoration snowmen are the answer. Just a bit of paint to draw the snowman’s face, a ribbon, pom-poms, and a sweater sleeve to make a winter hat for your snowmen. Tie the sweater sleeve with ribbon and put it on its head to keep their ears warm.

Incredible DIY snowman decoration with terracotta pot outdoor decoration snowmen. Simply paint it and add the head of the black hat to keep their ears look warm.
Amazing DIY snowman decoration with terracotta pots snow-white outdoor decor and patterned ribbons. Add the head of the black hat to keep their ears warm.
DIY snowman decoration with terracotta pots snow in white paint and patterned ribbons outdoor decor. Add the wooden sticks as the hands and head of the black hat to keep their ears warm.
DIY snowman decoration with terracotta potted outdoor decoration snowman painted in white, knit red ribbon draw a mind like wearing a shirt.
DIY snowman decoration with terracotta potted outdoor decoration snowman painted in white and blue body part color. Then, add with red patterned ribbon and hat to keep it cool.
DIY snowman decoration painted in white color then draw it like snowman. Moreover, apply it with the patterned ribbon.
DIY snowman decoration with terracotta pot for your outdoor decoration. Utilise also the pot to form the hands and feet of the snowmen.
DIY snowman decoration with terracotta pot for the outdoor decor in snow-white painting. Then, wear the plaid ribbon, and black hat decorated with flowers.
DIY snowman decoration with terracotta pot that painted in white. Then, make it to wear patterned ribbons, black hats, and beads.
Using terra cotta planters, we show you how to construct an ideal winter doorman for your porch or patio. Decorate your snowman in classic style with the bow tie.
DIY snowman decoration with terracotta pot painted in white. Then, wear a checkered ribbon, Santa’s skull, and beads.

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3. Painted Pumpkin Outdoor Decoration Snowmen

Do you want something unique and creative for your outdoor decoration snowmen without using snow? Here is a painted pumpkin snowman of turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. All you need is a huge and medium-sized pumpkin painted in white. Then place it together, paint its face, put a scarf around its neck, and don’t forget the hat! 

DIY Snowman made of three neatly arranged pumpkins and twigs can be a great decoration for your outdoors.
The repainted pumpkin can turn into a fun snowman which add with red scarf, and black hats.
You can make or buy a ready-made snowman decoration! You can stack several large pumpkins and paint them into the snowman you want.
Outdoor decoration snowman with pumpkins are going viral now. This snowman craft is so simple where your kids can help.

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If there is snow outside, you can make a snowman or some of them with your children. But if not, you can stack several large pumpkins and paint them into beautiful snowmen.
Affordable pumpkin outdoor decoration snowman with snowman of big pumpkins, paints, a scarf, and a beanie for your front porch or garden decoration.
Here, you can use the snowman craft to be your front door decoration to welcome your guests.
Amazing pumpkin snowman outdoor decoration by using the different size pumpkins, paints, a scarf, and a beanie.
Amazing pumpkin outdoor decoration snowman with pine cones and pretty evergreen to make it has the beauty.

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Do you have any favorite outdoor decoration snowmen you want to try? You don’t even need the snow to build a snowman. It’s effortless and fun!

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