Packing when moving is one of the most challenging tasks you will encounter. First, you need to get the right packing materials, ensure you pack everything properly, and get the right people to help you. 

Whether it is a DIY move or you are hiring NYC commercial movers, there are some items you need to pack well. Some of these items include houseplants. Houseplants are some of the delicate things to pack and move. In addition, they can struggle to adjust to the new environment. 

This means they are several factors you need to consider when planning to move your houseplants into a new home. However, if you can manage to pack and move the houseplants properly, you will give them a good chance of survival.

The good news is that you do not need to be an expert to pack your houseplants well. There are some steps you can follow to make them survive in the new environment. To help your houseplant endure the new climate, here are some tips on packing and moving them into a new home. 

Packing and Moving Tips for Houseplants

  1. Protect them from several elements

Plants are living things that should be protected from various elements. If you are moving them a long distance, make sure you keep them in a temperature-controlled place. 

For example, you can keep them in the backseat of your vehicle and ensure they are out of direct sunlight. If it is during winter, make sure the plants are wrapped in newspaper before moving them. You do not want them damaged by the dangerous cold. 

Therefore, make sure you have purchased the right packing materials and have packed them properly before relocating them. 

  1. Wrap the houseplants properly

Houseplants need to be packed well when moving. For instance, when wrapping them, do not use plastics. The best option is to use paper such as newspaper or packing paper. 

Another vital tip you need to observe when packing is to keep them snug. You need to make sure they do not shift around when being transported. They can get injured. Therefore, when placing them in a box, have towels or paper around to ensure they do not move around. 

If you have engaged a professional moving company, they will help you pack the plants properly. Nevertheless, do not pack them in the moving truck unless there is enough space for your plants. The best option is to keep them in your car. 

  1. Move the houseplants in your own car if you can

Since houseplants are delicate things to move, they are safe in your own car instead of moving in a moving truck. Moreover, some moving companies do not agree to move houseplants. 

Therefore, the best option is to move them in your vehicle if you can. But if you do not have enough space in your vehicle, and the moving company allows relocating them, load them last. 

In addition, make sure you have packed them well and well secured to ensure they do not shift around during transit. This is to ensure they are not injured during the move. 

  1. Houseplants should not stay in the car overnight

The next tip to ensuring you move your houseplants into the new home properly is to ensure they do not sit in the car overnight. Keep in mind that if plants do not have fresh air, they can die. 

Therefore, make sure you unload the plants right away when arriving in the new home. Whether it is a local or long-distance move, do not let them stay in the car overnight. 

  1. Water your houseplants the day before relocating

According to the moving experts, it is a bad idea to water your plants the day of the move. Therefore, the best option is to water the day before relocating. 

This makes it easier to relocate them and ensure you do not mess up your car or the moving truck. Moreover, you will help them survive even if it is a long-distance move. 

  1. Check state laws

Another essential tip you cannot ignore is checking the state laws. Some states prohibit moving some plants across the state lines or out of the country. 


Therefore, before packing and moving, make sure you understand the laws correctly. You can also consult your movers if you are unsure about the regulations. 


Packing and moving houseplants are some of the most complicated tasks you will encounter when moving. But with good preparation, you can ensure your plants arrive in the new home healthy. 

Even though most professional moving companies transport plants and pets, you can engage them to help you pack the houseplants when moving. Movers such as NYC movers have professionals who are well trained to pack and relocate houseplants. 

In addition, they are trained, well-equipped, and experienced in packing the plants. Also, they understand the laws if you are moving across state lines. Hence, the best option is to involve them. 

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