Hiring commercial painters and decorators for your business will help to make a decorating project run as smoothly and successfully as possible. There are many different commercial settings, from gyms to banks, hotels to cafés, and everything in between. Each commercial painting and decorating project will throw up its own challenges. Working with a professional team that has experience in a wide range of industries, including the sector your own business works within, will help.

There are many benefits to planning ahead with a painting and decorating project, and with the help of experts you can ensure that you maximise the potential and deliver a stunning décor that wows your customers and keeps your staff happy. Most importantly, careful planning in advance helps to maintain high standards of health and safety, keeping everyone safe on site during the decorating project. 

Plan ahead

Sitting down and carefully planning and mapping out the painting and decorating project will help to minimise disruption to your commercial premises whilst also putting in place the necessary restrictions and safety measures that the contractors and staff must undertake for the duration. It could mean that different sections are decorated on different dates, or a closure for a short period of time. It is at this planning stage where all colour schemes and aesthetic demands and desires are discussed, alongside the more practical elements of the service. 

Think of the best time to decorate 

It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, when it comes to commercial painting and decorating services you want to book them in at the most convenient time. It is difficult, for instance, to close a café or a bar that is open every day of the week for long hours. Painting and decorating safely could mean closing the premises for a short period of time or working during the hours the premises are closed to the public and there are either no staff or very few staff around too. After an extensive planning session with your painters and decorators they will advise on the best approach to ensure your business faces minimal disruption during the upgrades.

Tailor the approach to suit your business

Commercial painters and decorators understand that every business and work premises is very different from the next. This makes a tailored approach the most suitable option to maintain high safety standards and a suitable completion of any project. For example, if you are looking to decorate a hotel, it is a lot easier to think about the project floor by floor, blocking out different sections to decorate on different days, than it is for a busy bar that might be open from 11am till past midnight 7-days-a-week. Keeping customers, staff, and contractors safe, is of the utmost priority, so choosing painters and decorators to plan in a bespoke way is the best approach to take.

Extra precautions and rules where necessary

If your business is generally quite busy with foot traffic and customers in and out throughout the day, you’ll have to take extra precaution during the painting and decorating. This helps to cordon off areas where painting is taking place, understanding the areas that must be covered with extra care and where paint and other equipment and materials are not left in places that could cause potential accidents and injuries.

Implement strict safety measures

Health and safety measures are an important part of any professional project. Working on site you must first assess the potential hazards for both the contractors and passers-by. When painting and decorating on commercial premises there are many different potential hazards and your professional team will assess all of this before determining when to undertake the painting and decorating, and what safety measures they will put in place to keep everyone safe during the project.

Work with professional painters and decorators

In any type of business, success is found through clever management and the decision to delegate to experts wherever you can. Find commercial painters and decorators with experience in working on projects similar to your business. If a company can demonstrate how they have previously decorated a restaurant, and you own a restaurant, it is worth utilising this experience to decorate your own commercial property in a safe and effective manner.

Commercial painting is a challenge in any setting. Choosing professional services for commercial painting in London will give you peace of mind as a business owner that your property is decorated in the most professional, and safest manner. You must always consider safety within any decorating project. When discussing the merits of decorating a business, whether a hotel, a restaurant, or retail store, there are always different safety measures to undertake to keep staff safe, and to ensure the safety of the general public and the painting and decorating team you have hired to work the project.

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