Having a home security system in place can reduce your insurance premiums by up to 5%, according to Policy Genius. Reader’s Digest reports that 22% of burglars gain access to properties via the back door. By securing your garden, burglars are less likely to be able to get to your back door and break in. Make sure you follow these tips to keep your garden secure.

Deter burglars with a fence

Fences are great deterrents as they prevent burglars from being able to walk straight up to your property. Regularly check your fence for damage and repair any breakages as soon as they happen. This is particularly important in the winter as cold weather can ruin fencing. Opt for a fence that’s as tall as possible as this will put thieves off from climbing over it. 6 feet or over is recommended. You should also apply anti-climb paint to your fence so that burglars can’t get over it, even if they try.

Secure the back gate

Americans are prone to leaving their doors and gates unlocked. As a result, 40% of burglaries occur on unlocked premises. By locking your garden gate, you’ll automatically increase the security of your garden. There are several different garden gate locks you can choose to install on your gate. Keypad locks can only be unlocked with a unique passcode while a double-sided gate lock can be locked from both sides of the gate. There are also gate locks with handles and hydraulic gate closers to consider.

Put up security lights

Each year, there are typically 1,324,090 burglaries at night. Burglars like working during the night because it’s easier for them to hide and not be caught. Putting up security lights with motion sensors will scare away burglars as they won’t want to be seen. You could even get a smart security light that will send an alert to your phone when movement is picked up. This will allow you to check the footage on your smartphone and, if there’s anything suspicious going on, you can call the police for immediate assistance.

Your garden is a crucial part of your home. You should prioritize security in your garden just as much as you do on the inside of your property. By doing this, you’ll deter burglars and will instantly feel safer and more secure in your home.

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