Recycle old light bulbs may be used for anything. The lantern you see I wouldn’t ever consider painting it. Bulbs can be created into vases that you may place on table or hang on your patio to bring a feminine touch in your house.

Mason jars come with its popularity as the landscape to plant any kinds of flowers, herbs, or even succulents. It replaces the role of vase to create a unique look. With little touch of creativity, this Mason jars change your room into more appealing.

Having a fence is something to consider. A good fence or gate keep your outdoor space look amazing and become more private from outside. If you need one or need to upgrade it to add something new but can’t afford to to have it, one of these 9 DIY fences and gate is all you need.

Pinata is a container that made of papier-mâché, pottery, or cloth. It is decorated and filled with small toys or candy, or even both, and someone will break it, so the thing inside is fall down and others will take it. This is a part of celebration, and many of people also including pinata as one of their game at the party that they hold. If you are interested to make it for your own party, check out these 10 DIY pinata below to inspire you. 

Kids are the angel of our family. That is why many parents will do anything to please them, and one of it is give them their own bedroom. When decorating their space, creativity and effort is needed. For the material of the furniture, wood is the best one. Make sure that the furniture does not have sharper edges. Give their space a fresh feeling and play with the color combination. Now check out these 10 DIY that you can make for your kid’s bedroom to get the best space that will pleasant your kid below.

If you want to update your space in an easy and cheap ways, adding a rug is the perfect for you. For example, if you want to make your space appear smaller, choose rug with dark color, and light colors do the opposite. Consider the rug size. Do not get in the rug that is too small. Be sure to check out the rug sized guide before you choose.

If you decided to mix your rug, stick it with the same color palette, but change the design. There are a lot of color and design of rugs nowadays, so choose the one that is suitable for your space. But if you think that you are creative enough to make it on your own, check out this easy DIY rugs to update your home below. 

Everybody owns coat. It will help you so much when the weather seems cool. As an everyday necessary, coat must be put on a place which is easy to be reached. Then, you need to have coat hanger to save your coat and take it easily whenever you need it. Here, we have excellent coat hanger ideas that may be help you to keep your coat.