Red is a strong and intense color so it should be used very carefully as it can quickly become overwhelming. But as an accent color, red is the right choice for any home area. True red is the main color, but the red spectrum is very broad, from pale pink (white with a bit of red in it) to deep red, vermillion and dark red. Red works in a variety of decorating styles from sleek modern to country cute, but it’s a dramatic color and to use it in a space is to make a statement.

Clutter is always become a problem weather your space is large or small. All you need is a clever storage to keep the clutter. We’ve round up some ways to organize and streamline the messiest trouble spot in your home. Hope you are inspired with this article and started to do it on your own. Have fun!

One of the vital spaces in our house is the kitchen. Surely it can be said that the kitchen is the heart of your home. As an integral and central part of the house, you can look for kitchen lighting ideas. When we talk about kitchen lighting, the right fitting position is the key. Consider task lighting, because if it’s misplaced, it can hamper your ability to work efficiently to cast shadows in your kitchen.

The mid century modern refers to the style of decoration and is characterized by lots of natural wood, simple lines, sweet tones or pastels and accent furnishings with form-meets-functions. This decorative style had a huge explosion in 1950’s and has a major influence in modern interior design nowadays. This is because of its warm and luxurious simplicity and nature, clean lines and inspirational artwork is perfect for those of you who want a modern retro-style touch.

If you want to add a little softness and romance to your bedroom, adding canopy is the answer. Bedroom canopy can become the focal point of your boring space. This DIY canopy project gives you some inspiration to add romance and charms to you space, and yes, it is on a budget, and also, easy to make. There are many option to install bedroom canopy. You can use curtain rods, simple cup hooks, hand towel rings, embroidery hoops and many more. Check out these DIY bedroom canopy design ideas below to inspire you.

A painting is an artwork that is not only beautiful but also has deep meaning. For those of you who like to appreciate the artwork, you can take one or more for your bedroom. You can hang it on the wall above the headboard or wherever you want. This is useful to beautify and transform the space of your bedroom. Just try these idea then you will love it.

Recent, a minimalist interior design is liked by many people. Its simple and elegant look makes people contruct their dwelling with this design. Because of the simple design in the arrangement of space and color, sometimes minimalist interior can be identified with innocence and its simplicity. But, if you want to spice up your minimalist interior you can do some tips below.