19. diy sofa table ideas

A sofa table will make a versatile addition to any space especially living room because it provides a functional and fashionable accent that will enhance the overall look and feel of your room. It can be strictly decorative, provide a space for storage or even provide a useful buffer between the back of the sofa and the wall. Consider the placement of the sofa table; behind your sofa to provide a surface for lamps, photos or other decorations. It can also works as console tables in a foyer or hallway, a room divider in a larger living room or as a sideboard table in a dining room.


Size of the sofa table is also important; it should be deep enough to accommodate any items you want to place on top. Also do not forget to determine the style and finish; coordinate the look with the rest of the living room furniture. Also decide the function of your sofa table and pick one to fit those needs. Now take a look at these creative DIY sofa table ideas below to inspire you without robbing your bank account.

Weinfass-couchtisch Mit Einlegebodenoom

Weinfass-couchtisch mit einlegeboden
Source : Pinterest

Steampunk Accent Coffee Tables

Steampunk accent coffee tables
Source : Pinterest

Sofas and Coffee Tables Pallet

Sofas and coffee tables pallet
Source : Pinterest

Pallet Coffee Table with Glass Topper

Pallet coffee table with glass topper
Source : Pinterest

Maple Coffee Tables

Maple coffee tables
Source : Pinterest

Knotty Alder Sofa Table

Knotty alder sofa table
Source : Pinterest

Handcrafted Tray Table Stand with Storage Pocket

Handcrafted tray table stand with storage pocket
Source : Pinterest

Glass Topped Coffee Table Made with Pallets

Glass topped coffee table made with pallets
Source : Pinterest

DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve

Diy wooden couch sleeve
Source : Pinterest

DIY Wood Table

Diy wood table
Source : Pinterest

DIY Striped Drink Perch

Diy striped drink perch
Source : Pinterest

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Diy pallet coffee table
Source : Pinterest

DIY French Country Sofa Table

Diy french country sofa table
Source : Pinterest

Cool Half Barrel Table

Cool half barrel table
Source : Pinterest

Behind the Sofa Table Shelf

Behind the sofa table shelf
Source : Pinterest

A Behind-the-sofa Table with an Outlet Built In

A behind-the-sofa table with an outlet built in
Source : Pinterest

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