20. wallpaper ideas kids

The usage of wallpaper is no longer constrained to four matching walls and staid prints because it offer so much more and no longer just for your walls nowadays. And wallpaper can be the winning ingredient if you are looking for striking bedroom ideas. You can choose many styles, from big prints, flocked patterns or colored stripes to create a feature walls in your bedroom. A clever choice can really open up and enclosed space.


A best way to incorporate wallpaper into your bedroom is with one feature wall. You can go all out on print or pattern and yes of course, it can save your money more. You can try to frame your bed with a few strips of wallpaper for a modern take on a traditional headboard or try papering one behind your bed for chic hotel look. Now take a look at these 16 best wallpaper ideas for your kids below, if you need more references you can also check ibackdrop.com

World Map Mural in A Kids Bedroom

World map mural in a kids bedroom
Source : Pinterest

Wallpaper Panda

Wallpaper panda
Source : Pinterest

Wall Murals for Kids

Wall murals for kids
Source : Pinterest

Treehouse for Your Kids Bedroom

Treehouse for your kids bedroom
Source : Pinterest

Safari Kids Map Mural Wallpaper

Safari kids map mural wallpaper
Source : Pinterest

Rosa Blue Floral Wall Mural

Rosa blue floral wall mural
Source : Pinterest

Pirates Wall Mural

Pirates wall mural
Source : Pinterest

Pink and Grey Clouds Pattern Wall Mural

Pink and grey clouds pattern wall mural
Source : Pinterest

Nursery Wallpaper for Kids

Nursery wallpaper for kids
Source : Pinterest

Little Hands Wallpaper Mural – Elephant Riding A Bicycle

Little hands wallpaper mural - elephant riding a bicycle
Source : Pinterest

Kids Woodland Scene Wall Mural

Kids woodland scene wall mural
Source : Pinterest

Kids Solar System Planets Wall Mural

Kids solar system planets wall mural
Source : Pinterest

Kids Mountains and Trees Wall Mural

Kids mountains and trees wall mural
Source : Pinterest

Kids Fox Wallpaper

Kids fox wallpaper
Source : Pinterest

Baby Clouds and Moon Wall Mural

Baby clouds and moon wall mural
Source : Pinterest

A Cactus Themed Room for Kids

A cactus themed room for kids
Source : Pinterest

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