27. rv storage solution

Here are some spaces saving solutions for your RV space dilemmas. Have a wall-mounted magnetic strip for your RV kitchen space to organize kitchen items such as knives, scissors or you can even build a simple magnetic spice rack using metal trays. To store small items, mason jars are perfect; attach the lids to upper cabinets with a few screws and organize them away. To save cabinet and counter space, build a simple fold-out spice rack.


Bring a paper plate and make a ceiling mounted paper plate dispenser for an easy convenience. Create storage benches or add drawers to under table surfaces to create a desk and keep your stuff from clutter. To attach different storage pods of PVC pipe to the inside of the cabinet doors for extra storage, use command strips and also consider to use hook to keep you item organized without making a hole. See more 16 clever RV storage solutions below to inspire you.

Beautiful Storage for Kitchen

Beautiful storage for kitchen
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Brilliant Kitchen Organization Ideas

Brilliant kitchen organization ideas
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Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

Clever kitchen storage ideas
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Clever Storage Solutions for Kitchen Plate

Clever storage solutions for kitchen plate
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Kitchen Pots and Pans Storage Ideas

Kitchen pots and pans storage ideas
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Magnetic Spice Rack for Refrigerator

Magnetic spice rack for refrigerator
Source : Pinterest

Rv Fruit Storage

Rv fruit storage
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Rv Hacks Shower Storage

Rv hacks shower storage
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Shoe Storage

Shoe storage
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Small Bathroom Storage Solution

Small bathroom storage solution
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Space Saving Solutions from Bathroom

Space saving solutions from bathroom
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Storage Shoe Rack Crates

Storage shoe rack crates
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Storage Solution for Coffee Cup

Storage solution for coffee cup
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Storage Solutions for Sinks, Showers, and Tubs

Storage solutions for sinks, showers, and tubs
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Storage Station for Mail

Storage station for mail
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Unique Storage Solution for Your Book

Unique storage solution for your book
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