15. diy storage minimalist kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most -used space in your home. And make your kitchen simple and minimalist is the best decision that you need to consider. So, make your kitchen a clutter-free will make you feel happy. Follow this easy to try ways to keep the clutter away.


Just store the cutting stools as much as you need and keep only the dishware that you often use. Pare down your cookware; one cutting board, a few of pots and pans, and else. Storage is everything for kitchen, so store your items properly by figure out how to most effective store your items to help you creating space and ease in your own kitchen. Now take a look at these 15 easy DIY storage solution for minimalist kitchen below, so you won’t have any problem with clutter.

Drawer Storage


Drawers are the best storage idea in your minimalist kitchen decor. In this drawer you can store all the pot lids and pots too. Try to put it in a dry cabinet drawer to keep the humidity in the drawer. Pot Lids Drawer Storage from @katys_organized_home


Of course, kitchen decor must have storage, now you can use low-height pull-out drawers so that anyone can reach them easily. Besides that, this pull-out drawer can also be opened and closed easily according to your needs, close it again after use. Pull-Out Drawer Storage from @vivielcuaz


Modern drawers are closed storage that you can use to place all cutlery such as bowls and plates. Try to keep it dry so it doesn’t get damp and smelly. These drawers consist of different rooms that can be fully utilized to the fullest. Modern Drawers with Divider from @johnlewisofhungerford

Pegboard Wall Organized


Teflon in your kitchen will be better organized when you hang it on the pegboard that is attached to the kitchen wall. You can add a hook for hanging accents, choose a pegboard that is large enough to accommodate more Teflon. Wall Pegboard Storage from @tunrohouse


Hang a pegboard on an empty kitchen wall. This pegboard has a size that is wide enough so that it can be used as a large amount of storage. Also add some storage wire shelves to put your kitchen spices to make it look neater and orderly. Large Pegboard Wall Organized from @campnobigdill

Take Advantage of the Backsplash Section


Who would have thought that the backsplash tile could also be used as open storage. You can use it to replace some cooking utensils such as a spatula set so as to minimize kitchen room clutter. Tile Backsplash Organization from @thesilvahome


Attach and hang rods and hooks to the tile backsplash for an open storage idea. This storage can be created by yourself without the need for professionals, you can try it with a low spending budget. Iron Hook on the Backsplash from @feriha_cem

Maximize Corner Room


The corner of the room in your kitchen will be more useful when you add open storage shelves. Use wood with a thicker surface so it is not easily porous when used for a long time. Corner Floating Shelves from @quetiniwinter


The new wood shelving material that is applied to the corner of the kitchen room is an open storage that you can use to place some ornaments and decorative items to make a room statement. No need to repaint, just let it appear naturally. Barn Wood Floating Rack from @stampstitchcreate

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas


This kitchen cabinet design which consists of closed storage and open storage can be used according to your needs. Keep choosing and using melamine wood for a more shiny look and of course to keep it looking attractive in this minimalist kitchen decoration. Plankwood Kitchen Cabinet from @boxco.studio

Rods or Hook Storage


You can attach an empty part of the kitchen wall with several hooks to hang some of your cooking utensils. Choose and use a hook with iron material to make it more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long time. Wall Rods Organization from @mahohonda_


To get additional storage in your small kitchen, you should use multifunctional storage. The combination of a hanging shelf with a hook is an idea that you can try. Take advantage of the lower part of the hanging shelf by adding a hook to hang various kitchen utensils that you use frequently. Mini Hook in Hanging Shelf Area from @the_flat_that_rosie_built


Give a touch of luxury to your white kitchen by using brass hook storage, the shiny appearance of the hook will certainly make your kitchen more elegant. You can use a brass hook that is mounted on the kitchen wall to store mugs, this will be easier if you also use a hook that can be shifted as needed. Brass Hook Kitchen Storage from @potejstronielustra

DIY Floating Shelves


Light wood, which is used as the main ingredient of this kitchen storage rack, can be used as much as possible. It’s not enough to stop here, this floating shelf is also equipped with a hook that can be used as a whole to the fullest, you can use it right now to save kitchen space. Light Wood Wall Shelves from @white_and_wood_home


Stainless steel corner shelves in this kitchen can be used to the fullest. The shelf material used is very sturdy and not easily porous when used for quite a long time. So that it doesn’t rust easily, you can also put and store all kitchen items dry. Stainless Steel Corner Shelves from @hope_cottage_by_the_woods


The single floating shelf that is attached to the kitchen wall is an open storage that can be used optimally. In this shelf area you can put some of the cutlery as well as the wooden kitchen board that you have. Try to put items that are dry from the water. DIY Single Wood Shelf from @athomewiththeraines

Multifunction Kitchen Island


To make use of space in the kitchen to make it look neat and comfortable, you need more storage to store your kitchen utensils. You can take over the bottom of the kitchen island which has a cavity to use as additional storage, don’t forget to keep the lid on so the kitchen doesn’t look messy. Curved Kitchen Island with Storage from @tomhowleykitchens

Kitchen Board Organization


Overcome the clutter in your kitchen by storing items according to their function, one example you can do is provide a tray in the corner of the kitchen. This tray is used to store boards so they don’t get messy and at the same time will help you find the board you want easily. Corner Kitchen Board Organized from @magda_78_


In order to get a harmonious look, use pallet wood basket storage to store the boards in your kitchen. You can put this pallet wood storage basket in the corner of the kitchen, it’s small so you can only store boards standing up, this is done so you can store multiple boards maximally. Pallet Wood Basket Storage from @golden.home.mb

Portable Rack


In order to facilitate your activities in the kitchen, using a portable rack is very helpful. Add wheels at the bottom of the rack so you can easily move it according to your needs and desires. Use a portable rack with several stacks so you can store more items in it. Portable Rack with Wheels Leg from @malenaswhiteangelhouse

Wall Mounted Storage


So that it can be used as the focal point of the kitchen room, you can use storage in different forms. For example, you can use arched shelves which can be used as open storage and can be used to place some of the beautiful ornaments that you have. Arched Wall Mounted Shelves from @kirsterieur


The wall mounted shelf applied to this wall provides a modern look that can never fail. You can repaint it in gray so that it has a color harmony with the walls and cabinets that are used. Put anything in this area in a neat and orderly arrangement. Little Wall Mounted Shelves from @tomhowleykitchens

Kitchen Cabinet Storage


The storage cabinet that is installed in the kitchen area is important, because the cabinet is a place to store various kitchen utensils. Adjust the color of the cabinet with the color of the kitchen so that the appearance of the kitchen matches, that way the kitchen atmosphere will feel more pleasant. Statement Color Cabinet Storage from @dwra.lazaridou


Adjust the use of kitchen cabinets with the theme of the room used. For example, when the kitchen room is dominated by a modern style, you can use a kitchen cabinet made of melamine wood which looks more shiny when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. This would be a great storage area as it has closed and open spaces. Melamine Wood Cabinet Storage from @scandi_uk

Knife Holders


Knives are sharp objects that can injure anyone and are also something that is sure to be in the kitchen area. Therefore, attach a magnet to the backsplash area to store all the knives you have, metal knives will stick to this holder. Besides that, the use of magnets will also make the backsplash more useful and not look empty. Knife Magnet on the Backsplash from @ladydoodlebop


Use a knife holder made from a combination of magnets and wood. This aims to make your kitchen look more harmonious, install this walnut knife holder vertically so you can store more knives. This walnut knife holder can also store items other than knives, such as pans and metal tongs. Walnut Knife Holders from @hiddengnomecolorado

Kitchen Pantry


Your kitchen pantry decoration will look tidier when you add a few plastic baskets in it. In this way, the kitchen pantry area will be better organized and make it easier for you to find food items or needs in a more effective time. Kitchen Pantry with Basket Storage from @perfectpantriesproject


Open shelves that are used for kitchen pantry decorations make it easier for you to take the food stocks you need. You can repaint this part of the shelf plain white for a more modern and elegant look. Add a label to the storage container with a bolder color. Open Rack for Kitchen Pantry Design from @simplyorganizedkj

Hidden Cabinet Storage


This floating cabinet which is covered with art paintings makes it look hidden as if it is only seen as a wall decoration or kitchen wallpaper. You can apply flower paintings with quite a variety of color combinations. Kitchen Wall Cabinet as Art Design from @cottonwooddesignstudio

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