15. diy storage minimalist kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most -used space in your home. And make your kitchen simple and minimalist is the best decision that you need to consider. So, make your kitchen a clutter-free will make you feel happy. Follow this easy to try ways to keep the clutter away.


Just store the cutting stools as much as you need and keep only the dishware that you often use. Pare down your cookware; one cutting board, a few of pots and pans, and else. Storage is everything for kitchen, so store your items properly by figure out how to most effective store your items to help you creating space and ease in your own kitchen. Now take a look at these 15 easy DIY storage solution for minimalist kitchen below, so you won’t have any problem with clutter.

Corner Cupboard Floor to Ceiling

Corner cupboard floor to ceiling
Source ; Pinterest

Corner Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Corner kitchen cabinet storage
Source ; Pinterest

Corner Pantry

Corner pantry
Source ; Pinterest

Keurig Coffee Station with K-Cup Drawer Storage

Keurig coffee station with k-cup drawer storage
Source ; Pinterest

Kitchen Drawer Plate

Kitchen drawer plate
Source ; Pinterest

Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawers
Source ; Pinterest

Kitchen with Open Shelves

Kitchen with open shelves
Source ; Pinterest

Magnets are Placed on Fridge

Magnets are placed on fridge
Source ; Pinterest

Pegboards Kitchen Storage

Pegboards kitchen storage
Source ; Pinterest

Shelf Storage Basket

Shelf storage basket
Source ; Pinterest

Soffit Cabinets

Soffit cabinets
Source ; Pinterest

Spice Rack Wall Storage

Spice rack wall storage
Source ; Pinterest

Under Cabinet Magnetic Knife Rack

Under cabinet magnetic knife rack
Source ; Pinterest

Use Pegboards in the Kitchen

Use pegboards in the kitchen
Source ; Pinterest

White Kitchen Cabinets Grey Countertops

White kitchen cabinets grey countertops
Source ; Pinterest

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  1. Um I really like the floor to ceiling cabinet! I would love to do that but it might have to wait for a little while. We refinished our kitchen cabinets just about a month ago and we love the outside results, but not we’re trying to find ways to better use/organize the inside of the cabinets. Thanks for the tips! We’re already trying to utilize some like the magnetic strips for knives.

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