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15 Brilliant and Easy DIY Crafting Hacks

Give your space a fresh look with these simple DIY craft ideas that is easy to make below. Add a painting to your front storage cabinet to hide your storage in a clever and artistic ways. Do not throw away your mason jar, repurpose them into a soap or lotion dispenser only by adding a pump. Or be creative using your globe by repurpose it into a vintage globe light that is so unique to replace your old pendant.


Upcycle your shredded paper into a set of gilded decorative bowls as your decoration for your space. To overhaul your wall clock, add a patterned paper to your clock to add more artsy look to your wall clock. Or try to make your own string-art to decorate your blank space in your wall. See more ideas below.

Builds DIY Bookshelf

Builds diy bookshelf
Source : Pinterest

Coffee Table Made Of Fruit Boxes with Glass Top

Coffee table made of fruit boxes with glass top
Source : Pinterest

Desk with Drawers is Made Out Paper Box

Desk with drawers is made out paper box
Source : Pinterest

DIY Bins Boxes Baskets

Diy bins boxes baskets
Source : Pinterest

DIY Branch Shelf

Diy branch shelf
Source : Pinterest

DIY Cardboard Pendant Light

Diy cardboard pendant light
Source : Pinterest

DIY Coffee Sofa Table

Diy coffee sofa table
Source : Pinterest

DIY Minimal Wall Clock

Diy minimal wall clock
Source : Pinterest

DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

Diy pallet coffee cup holder
Source : Pinterest

DIY Ribbon Holder

Diy ribbon holder
Source : Pinterest

DIY Toilet Paper Tube

Diy toilet paper tube
Source : Pinterest

DIY Tree Branches Home Decor Ideas

Diy tree branches home decor ideas
Source : Pinterest

DIY Wooden Crate Bookshelf

Diy wooden crate bookshelf
Source : Pinterest

Hexagon Honeycomb Shelves Made with Popsicle Sticks Tutorial

Hexagon honeycomb shelves made with popsicle sticks tutorial
Source : Pinterest

Tree Bookshelf DIY

Tree bookshelf diy
Source : Pinterest

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