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Showing off your book collection is never goes out in style. Book brings color, warmth and personality to your space and it is also fun to curl up with. You can store your book with a simple open-backed shelving unit that is unique and could be a useful for a room divider. It is offer the illusion of a separate space without completely closing it off visually and it is allow light to flow through to both sides of the room and provide storage at the same time.

For your bedroom, pair your book with decorative accents in your own bedroom will bring personality and interest in small space. You can also store your book in your non-working fireplace that give the books a fresh look; turning them backwards or wrap the covers in white or patterned paper. If you are bored with a coffee table with vase, try to replace it with a stack of books that bring more importance and impact rather than a vase. Take a look at these 15 fun and amazing ways to display books below to inspire you.

Unique & Artistic Bookcase


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This unique and artistic S-Shaped Z-Shelf Bookcase is an elegant storage cabinet and a practical display shelf. It features a reasonable layout and scientific division, allowing for easy placement of various items. Each rectangular shelf has a load capacity of 48 lb, ensuring sturdy support for your items. The bookcase is easy to assemble with a clear and user-friendly manual, making installation a breeze. Additionally, cleaning is a simple task as the surface can be easily wiped clean with a wet cloth, removing any dirty stains. Should you encounter any difficulties during assembly or have any questions, our customer service team is available to assist you.


1 snapinsta.app_1080_94560915_646175412831194_4160182236201635223_n

This type of shelf is usually used in the library area because it has a very large size and is very suitable for mounting on the wall. Using this shelf will provide adequate storage space and make your books tidier. Boekenmuur from @booksandme8

Bookcase Stairway

2 snapinsta.app_1080_119206531_120589066231320_8898597804904441624_n

Look at the picture above, it’s interesting isn’t it! This stairway bookcase will present an attractive and different look than usual. Besides that, this stairway bookcase is perfect for those of you who have a narrow space, so it is very effective and efficient. Bookcase Stairway from @shopgraceanddelilah

Coaster Company Contemporary Wood Book Shelf

3 snapinsta.app_1080_220532666_834324623881762_5420495642403817693_n

This contemporary bookcase has a black and gold color combination that makes it look very elegant. Having a large enough size makes it very suitable for display in front of a wall. Contemporary Wood Book Shelf from @luxury_pad_living

DIY Wood Shelves

4 snapinsta.app_1080_98089053_548746149159541_2560132060625398054_n

Look at this bookshelf! Made using wood material, it manages to present a perfect rustic look. This bookcase has a very simple design and is not too big in size so it looks simple but still effective and efficient. Wooden Book Shelf from @littledevonfurniture

Floating Bookshelf

5 snapinsta.app_1080_276204539_335203152005522_8053705491368539343_n

This time it’s about bookshelves. This bookcase is made using wood material so that it succeeds in presenting a natural touch that looks elegant. Having a floating design, this bookshelf will look more modern and suitable for space saving. Floating Book Shelf from @iansfurniture

Great Storage Down the Hallway

6 snapinsta.app_1080_176214130_265600088621045_3511035450895913949_n

This bookcase made using metal looks sleek but still attractive. Now you can place it in the hallway area and attach it to the wall so it can work properly without interfering with your hallway access. Hallway Book Shelf from @studio_nikogwendo_interior

Rustic Bookshelf


Made using wood pallet material, this wooden bookshelf succeeds in presenting a rustic appearance that looks aesthetically pleasing. It has a vertical design, allowing it to display more books without taking up floor space. Rustic Bookshelf
from @black_tooth_woodworking

Music Library

2 snapinsta.app_1080_19535436_153529728528051_1499999267790520320_n

This music library uses floor to ceiling book shelves so it will accommodate more books and make your music library tidier. Painted with a white theme will make it look clean and in line with the theme of this room. Music Library from @affen76

Library Book Haven


These floor to ceiling book shelves are perfect for completing your library. The reason is that it can accommodate a lot of books without having to take up too much floor area. Now you can decorate it with string lights so it looks festive. Library Book Haven
from @ravennicreads

Slanted Bookshelves

3 snapinsta.app_1080_298006106_167701192449776_161714241899723531_n

This bookshelf has a slanted design that makes it look unique and attractive. Made using wood material, it manages to bring a natural look to your home. Now you can display it on the wall so it will make your wall stand out more. Slanted Bookshelves from @readingwith.lyss

Store Books Under Stairs

7 snapinsta.app_1080_95443722_2315333252107968_143782146368737758_n

Utilizing the area under the stairs is the perfect idea. This book shelf with a hanging design can support more books but still save space. Made using wooden material will make it successful in presenting an aesthetic appearance. Store Books Under Stairs from @woodstock.furniture

Tree Bookshelves

6 snapinsta.app_1080_46712231_285951895611896_3383371843432568549_n

Take a look at this bookshelf! Having a tree-like design will make it look creative and manage to steal the show. Being painted in a green theme will make it look bright and fresh. Tree Bookshelves from @pryngols

Built-in Bookshelf


There are many kinds of book shelves that you can use for your home decoration ideas, one of which is built-in. This built-in book shelf is perfect for space saving ideas. Painted using white will make it look perfect. Built-in Bookshelf from @jcstudiointeriors

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