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15 Fun and Amazing Ways to Display Books

Showing off your book collection is never goes out in style. Book brings color, warmth and personality to your space and it is also fun to curl up with. You can store your book with a simple open-backed shelving unit that is unique and could be a useful for a room divider. It is offer the illusion of a separate space without completely closing it off visually and it is allow light to flow through to both sides of the room and provide storage at the same time.


For your bedroom, pair your book with decorative accents in your own bedroom will bring personality and interest in small space. You can also store your book in your non-working fireplace that give the books a fresh look; turning them backwards or wrap the covers in white or patterned paper. If you are bored with a coffee table with vase, try to replace it with a stack of books that bring more importance and impact rather than a vase. Take a look at these 15 fun and amazing ways to display books below to inspire you.


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Bookcase Stairway

Bookcase stairway
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Coaster Company Contemporary Wood Book Shelf

Coaster company contemporary wood book shelf
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DIY Wood Shelves

Diy wood shelves
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Floating Bookshelf

Floating bookshelf
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Great Storage Down the Hallway

Great storage down the hallway
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Kids Book Shelf

Kids book shelf
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Library Book Haven

Library book haven
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Music Library

Music library
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Rustic Bookshelf

Rustic bookshelf
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Slanted Bookshelves

Slanted bookshelves
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Store Books Under Stairs

Store books under stairs
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Tip-Turned Bookshelf

Tip-turned bookshelf
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Tree Bookshelves

Tree bookshelves
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Understairs Bookshelf

Understairs bookshelf
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