The mid century modern refers to the style of decoration and is characterized by lots of natural wood, simple lines, sweet tones or pastels and accent furnishings with form-meets-functions. This decorative style had a huge explosion in 1950’s and has a major influence in modern interior design nowadays. This is because of its warm and luxurious simplicity and nature, clean lines and inspirational artwork is perfect for those of you who want a modern retro-style touch.

Mid century modern bedroom design ideas 1
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A black retro light emerging from a white wall, creating a bold vintage display. The black leather headboard that match with a leather chair beside the bed, gives a modern and contemporary feel to this interior.

Mid century modern bedroom design ideas 2
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Adding a simple and abstract artistic decor to your bedroom can make a significant difference in your bedroom. Just like the abstract decoration on the wall above the mattress as focal point of the bedroom, and a hand-shaped chair that adds art value into your bedroom.

Mid century modern bedroom design ideas 3
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The colorful geometric rug is a perfect addition to the room complement to the attractive modern table lamps with turquoise blue pendants. The gallery wall above serve as a nice focal point and provides this Mid Century bedroom with nice and modern statement

Mid century modern bedroom design ideas 4
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If you want to get some joyful energy from room, you can use this bright and cheerful mid-century bedroom concept in your house. Use the hot orange shade on your decoration and add with geometric design to liven up the ambiance

Mid century modern bedroom design ideas 5
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What’s more vintage than chandeliers, iron mattresses and antique glass? This vintage atmosphere combined with modern sleeping lights and mustard color palettes, make it  stay on mid-century lines design.

Mid century modern bedroom design ideas 6
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The gray floating bed is surely creating a nice modern statement in this artsy and chic Mid Century bedroom interior. You can notice here that there are different geometric elements from the artworks and decors, even from the pillow. The contemporary artworks surely enhance the plain white wall and boost up the chic ambiance of this interior.

Mid century modern bedroom design ideas 7
Source : Apartment Therapy

The dark wood panel creates the warm and natural feel of the lovely Mid Century modern bedroom, while the glass wall along with the white shaggy carpet and modern white rocking chair are providing the place with soothing effect and with a superbly modern and contemporary charm.

Mid century modern bedroom design ideas 8
Source : Jacki Mallick Designs

Who said you can’t combine many colors and fun patterns for a mid-century modern space? Of course, you can, just look at this amazing duvet cover set, curtains and area rug! For sure, you will not miss seeing the windows around this bedroom.

Mid century modern bedroom design ideas 9
Source : Sukio

The caramel wood panel and creates a warm and sleek appearance of the interior, while the creamy shag carpet and the pink velvet bed-end bench add sweet and soft feel in the beautiful interior.

Mid century modern bedroom design ideas 10Source : Houzz

This is a truly natural and airy divinity. The shaggy chic Century with Mid-Century goodies is boasting the dark walnut wood ceiling which perfectly strikes through the white walls and creates high contrast and warm perk of the place. The stylish white armchair stamps the Mid Century signature of this interior.

Mid century modern bedroom design ideas 11
Source : Style At Home

The sharp lines and atomic pattern introduce texture in this warm bedroom with white wall filled with quirky artwork and modern graphic art. The high contrast of the wood and the white wall creates the balance and provides this bedroom with both warm and refreshing outlook.

Mid century modern bedroom design ideas 12
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The straightforward oak wood bed with clean lines in addition to the nightstand and the oak wood floor develop the all-natural and warm feeling while the visuals art above the bed include the modern feeling of this fantastic bed room.

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