There is no better time than early spring to brighten up your home. This is the time to unleash your creativity with a mason jar project. Mason jars are easy to find and quite affordable, they are very easy to put together so there are many things you can do with them. Here are some decorations you can make with mason jars.

Window Treatment

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Source : It All Started With Paint

Create a special look in your window with some jute, command hooks and mason jar. You can put fresh flowers that you like and replace them if wilted. What a refreshing curtain replacement.

Bathroom Organizer

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Source : Skinny Meg

It’s made by affixing mason jars to an old pallet, which you can re-stain to give it that great rustic look. The jars are held in place with clamps, which you could paint if you wanted, to make them better match your bathroom decoration.

Wind Chimes

These beautiful wind chimes are for decorating the outside of your home. This is a great project for also using up some of that old vintage jewelry you may have on hand.

Bird Feeder

All you need is a Mason jar, twine, and a small round chicken feeder, and the birds will be flocking to your yard before you know it. Storing seeds this way will keep your feathered friends visiting all season long.

Herbs Planter

Growing an herb garden is a great way to get healthy flavors in your foods and this DIY herb garden organizing trick is a great way to make sure you can always find the herbs you need easily. You can hang this on the porch or in the kitchen – it organizes those herbs and serves as a great DIY decoration idea, as well.

Picture Frame Vase

Display your favorite photos in this colorful and very easy to make picture frame vase. You can do it in any color that matches your room décor and can also put a tealight candle in this and have a wonderful glowing image.

Fresh Herb Candles

Create a serene scene with these homemade Mason jar candles. You can keep it calm with lavender or invigorate with rosemary and essential oils. Whatever concoction you choose, these DIY candles will be your new favorite addition to your room.

Garden Chanderlier

Create a unique garden lamp to add spring style to your garden with this chandelier. This chandelier is perfect for spring party and rustic wedding.

Natural Spring Home Scents

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Source : eHow

These all-natural scents will transform your home into the freshest home on the block. you can opted to make yours with grapefruit slices, fresh sprigs of lavender and whole juniper berries. Or you can try lime slices, cucumber slices and fresh peppermint leaves.

Spring Mason Jar Vases

If you prefer fresh blooms flowers then these colorful Mason jar vases will be the perfect holders. Opt for fabric over paint for a foolproof project that even less crafty homeowners can handle. Use any extra fabric you have left over from curtain or pillow projects for a way to really tie the room together.

Wine Glass

Combine old crystal candlesticks and Mason jars to create the most countrified wine glasses we’ve ever seen.

Striped Pastel Mason Jars

A bit of sandpaper on freshly painted pastel stripes gives these jars a signature aged look. Add bright color for an extra burst of spring color.

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