A child’s bedroom needs to serve multiple purposes – playroom, study and sanctuary – but its most important role is to provide your child with a place of comfort and safety to lay their weary heads at the end of a busy day. Whatever your budget or space constraints, below we provide you 9 modern and colorful bedroom decor for kids to inspire you. Check this out.


1. Rainbow-Inspired Gallery Walls

Rainbow-inspired gallery walls

Add a bold and tactile wall to your kid’s bedroom; colorful decor.

2. Mix and Match Textiles

Mix and match textiles

Give the bedroom a matching bed sets and layer it in colors, patters and more with textiles.

3. Twinning


Try to use a different color scheme to make the room feel fresh.

4. Rainbow Patterns

Rainbow patterns

Opt for a quilt, bookshelf display or library for your kid’s bedroom. Because things that you can pop in the wash are usually better.

5. Piñata Rocking Horse

Piñata rocking horse

There’s just something undeniably fun and #extra about a piñata rocking horse. Just decorate your plain rocking horse with felt. All that extra felt is nice too for bum cushion. Who doesn’t want some of that?

6. Oversized Art

Oversized art

To simplify things, having an oversized art is the great option. Take things up a notch with a punchy and bold modern print.

7. Toy Cars

Toy cars

Give your boring wall a simple art. Print out some toy cars, frame it and hang it on your kid’s bedroom wall.

8. Functional Storage

Functional storage

Use a storage to grouping any items into collections to make your kid’s stuff in order. You can also paint the boring storage with your kid’s favorite color.

9. Safari Themes

Safari themes

Give your kid’s bed a cool headboard and full the space with stuffed animal to get the safari theme. You can also opt for a large print to unify the theme easily.

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