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54 Unique Attic Design Ideas for Your Private Bathroom


As the most private room at home, a bathroom should be managed well to reach the nuance of comfortable. We will enjoy to spend more time in the bathroom of the design is well-organized. To make a bathroom as a cozy place, we can search any references to upgrade or decorate our bathroom. One of the references is attic design. Does the term attic seem strange for you? If you have never heard it before, let’s have a discussion about it.

If you are challenged to have an extraordinary bathroom design, this elegant design of attic will bring you want you are looking for. It relates the design with the roof shape. Though it seems to be small with minimal space, but we can accommodate our decoration so that we can maximize the minimal space. The interesting point of an attic bathroom is on its angle. This kinds of elegant bathroom can also be modified with other styles touch, rustic, minimalist, or modern. As usual, the component like bath tub, shower room, sink, cabinets can be arranged into a good arrangement. There are some tricks to apply for a well-organized bathroom. First, If the space is small, make a shower cabin, not a bath tub. Then, make the cabin doors transparent to visually expand the space. Second, make more light from the glass windows or ceiling lamps. This idea helps you to make your attic bathroom larger. If it is possible, divide the space into a bath zone and toilet with curtain or glass window. You do not need to give many ornaments on the wall. Play with patterned tiles, such as herringbone tiles. Using a soft color wall paint or all white is better since it gets bigger space impression. A mirror is optional additional elements you can apply in the bathroom. Well, here are some example of attic bathroom idea that will make you impressed. Check them out and get inspired!


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