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53 Beautiful Modern Style to Upgrade Your Living Room


The warmth and familiarity of a family can be begun with a good communication. The intensive and easiest communication is surely done at home with all members of the family. From this kind of communication, a livingroom plays an important role as the place where the communication happens. What need to concern is about how livingroom design makes everyone who comes feel comfortable. There are some livingroom styles you can choose based on your need. One of the style is modern livingroom. This style is popular now since it offers simplicity yet modern design.

First impression of a livingroom os the wall paint. An appropriate wall paint color makes a cozy ambiance of the livingroom. Then, the next is about the furnitures and ornaments setting. A seat set or sofa is the focus. A modern sofa with calm color becomes a trend. If you want to combine with bold color, you are possible to apply it for your pillows. The pillows can be more than one color. The sofa color is usually matched with the curtain color. A modern livingroom commonly has a high curtain with drape. It is possible for you to select one dominant color of your livingroom, for example you choose white color for wall paint, sofa, and the curtain. As a timeless color, white also gives a positive impact that can create a larger impression. Some people choose to use a rug to complete their livingroom. It is an interesting idea since the livingroom gets more modern. An LED tv set is one appliance that supports modernity of a livingroom. Moreover, you also have to consider lighting aspect for your livingroom. It is possible for you to install a crystal lamps. There are various lamps models you can install for your modern livingroom, such as an LED crystal ceiling lamps which will totally makes your livingroom luxurious and fabulous. If you want to make your livingroom as a display room for your ceramic pieces, you can use an open shelf or cabinet with glass door and arrange your ceramic pieces from the biggest to the smallest or the vice versa. Paintings, mirror, and framed photos are the complementary elements to decorate your plain wall and bright it up. Now, are you ready of decorating or upgrading your livingroom? Check the following examples and get the one you love the most.


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