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60 Gorgeous Classroom Design Ideas for Back to School

After having a long holiday, some students may be little bit lazy to go back to school. They prefer to enjoy at home and play with their friends. To turn back their mood for studying and learning at school, it needs more effort since they usually enjoy their free time. One thing that we can do as a teacher is designing the classroom by applying a new concept or decoration. So that it can steal the students’ attention and surely boost their mood.


In upgrading a classroom, we have to consider some things. First, match the design with students’ age. The design cannot be ignored because matching the design and students’ age affects their behavior and the way they learn at class. Children tends to be playful and exciting, while teenagers like to be expressive and responsible. For instances, younger students will focus on colors, shapes and number. On the other hands, middle school students are interested with charts, pictures, and inspiring posters. Second, relate the design with the subjects to learn. History teachers will easily explain their material by using quotes or historical building pictures. Math teachers commonly use chart or table to visualize their explanation. Third, choose the right furniture that support the process of teaching and learning. Chairs and tables are must items. A teacher can arrange the chairs and tables depend on the technique of teaching. Additional furnitures like cabinets and open shelves are important items. Use open shelves to put some books and magazines. Arrange the book and magazine by sorting the hardcover from the biggest to the smallest or vice versa. Well organized book shelves may represent well process of teaching and learning. Forth, playing with colors for some decoration or items. Students of kindergarten are very keen on color, to boost their mood again, upgrade the classroom into colorful one will be interesting. Painting the chairs with bright colors, putting a colorful rug, stick some colorful shapes and pictures, thematic and educative wall stickers are some tricks to make the classroom fun. The good design of a classroom influences the atmosphere of student in teaching and learning process. For more inspirations, look at these pictures below. Get ready to upgrade your classroom then.

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