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48 Laundry Room Storage Shelves Ideas to Consider

If you are out of inspiration to make a cozy laundry room, here we will present some ideas to apply for your laundry room at home. Sometimes, doing laundry is a boring thing. Some people even like to put off this kind of activities since it is tiring and spend much time and energy. But, it will be different if we have a cozy laundry room with a well setting so that we enjoy doing some laundry activities there.

Don’t be worried of a messy laundry room as it is usual. A laundry room is a room to make what have not been neat to be the neater ones.  This is challenging enough then if you have a tiny space for your laundry room. The need of storage is significant for a small laundry room. We usually use racks or shelves to get around this problem. There are some ideas of applying helpful shelves for your laundry room. These shelves can be put in some strategic spot. First, add tilted shelving above the washer and dryer. This idea simply save your space as well since you use the area over your washing machine. Detergent and fabric softeners are the items that are usually put in the tilted shelving. Second idea is turning your cabinets into opening floating shelves to maximize a minimal space. Open shelves help you to organize your laundry accessories. Next, you can conceal a rolling caddy in between the washer and the dryer. It helps you to store your important laundry stuffs. This shelf is completed with small wheels so that you are able easily access this rolling caddy and pull it back after you pick the stuff you want. To complete your laundry room, you can install hooks to hang the dry ones and also put the baskets for the supplies. Well, hopefully this article can help you in organize your laundry room with shelves.

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