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56 Bright Ideas to Recycle Old Light Bulbs

Recycle old light bulbs may be used for anything. The lantern you see I wouldn’t ever consider painting it. Bulbs can be created into vases that you may place on table or hang on your patio to bring a feminine touch in your house.

Bright ideas to recycle old light blubs 53

If you have items that not been used, immediately collect the items now. Look for objects that can still be good for recycling into items that have high aesthetic value. One of which is old bulbs light. Usually, you just let the light bulb that has been killed to be stored in the warehouse or even immediately you throw away them. So, from now, you have to collect these bulbs to be transformed into artistic works.

There are many ways that can be used to recycle old bulbs. But before recycling the bulb, you have to clean it from the dirt that sticks. Clean the outside and the inside too. Next, think about what you want to make. You can make many things by using the bulb such as the mini aquarium, flower vase, Christmas ornaments, garden miniature, or for food places. When Christmas arrives, many ornaments are hung on the Christmas tree, for which you can make the decoration from bulb material. You can make Santa Klaus, socks or deer head with this bulb. Decorate well then hang on your Christmas tree. That will make you proud because you make your own beautiful Christmas tree decorations. Furthermore, if you have a hobby of gardening, it is true in trying to use a bulb as a hanging vase. But, you have to look for flowers that aren’t too big that match with the size of the bulb that you have. Not only that, but you can also make a mini aquarium from the bulb, fill the bulbs with various small-sized ornaments that can be inserted into the bulb, then fill the water and also the small fish there. But don’t forget to feed the fish. Actually, there are many more ideas in recycling the bulb, so below we present some pictures from Bright Ideas to Recycle Old Light Bulbs that can be your inspiration.

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