Recycle old light bulbs may be used for anything. The lantern you see I wouldn’t ever consider painting it. Bulbs can be created into vases that you may place on table or hang on your patio to bring a feminine touch in your house.

It is possible to also contact the lamp’s manufacturer, who might have mail-back services accessible to recycle your bulbs. For CFLs, make sure used bulbs are put in sturdy cartons and store them in a secure place to prevent breakage. Any mercury-containing bulb, irrespective of the quantity of mercury, cannot be discarded in the trash.

1 CFL has a tiny quantity of mercury and ought to be recycled properly. Many bulbs can be recycled, but they should be addressed specially. Halogen bulbs are a kind of incandescent light bulb, but they’re more efficient and longer lasting than conventional incandescents.

Utilize My Schedule to have a personalized collection calendar for most residential curbside services. It has several benefits. It is a better option.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs last longer, cost less in the long term, save electricity and lessen negative effect on the surroundings. Lighting is frequently one of the biggest issues in regards to energy wastage. LED bulbs use less energy and can help save you more cash in the future than CFLs, even though they are usually more expensive to buy.