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55 Stunning Christmas Decoration Ideas in 2018

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The joy of Christmas is coming soon. Christmas is a day that is very much awaited for Christians. Christmas that brings peace and joy is always tinged with beautiful decor. The decorations are Identical in red, green and gold. This color makes the Christmas atmosphere more warm and cheerful. Because Christmas coincides with winter, winter decorations can also be presented there.

In decorating a house into a Christmas theme, there are many ways that you can do it. But certainly, you have to bring a Christmas tree there, because it’s the most important decoration that must be there. If you already have a Christmas tree, you can just decorate it with cute Christmas accessories. But if you don’t have it yet, you can buy it at the store that provides it. It doesn’t matter how big or small the Christmas tree is, it will look cool when you can decorate it properly. Actually, you can decorate all parts of the house with a Christmas theme. Starting from the entrance of the house, living room, dining table, and bedroom. To decorate the entrance, you can make a wreath to hang on the door. Next to the living room you can make a centerpiece with some Christmas themed accessories. For the dining table, you can decorate it with candles accompanied by other Christmas decorations. And for your bedroom, you can make Christmas decorations by choosing Christmas themed bed sheets and other Christmas decorations that are hung on the wall of the room. One place that you can’t miss to decorate is the fireplace. Fireplace is very important in winter, so you must decorate it with cute and interesting Christmas decorations. Now there are many stores that sell Christmas equipment and accessories, so you can easily get them. Let’s look at some pictures below, this explains how beautiful and warm Christmas decorations.

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