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53 Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

Modern farmhouse exterior design ideas 46

Having a farmhouse style for your occupancy is a great idea. Especially when you do it for your exterior because with its warm impression of your front part home will make it looks very welcoming and inviting for your guests or even people who pass by in front of your home. Some of you may afraid of having the farmhouse style in case you don’t want your house to look out of style, whereas this style is not obsolete at all. If you can bring it into a neat and clean look, farmhouse is really adorable on its classic and lavish look. Particularly when it comes to the exterior design where the result will be seen on public, when you can create a wonderful one then your whole home impression will be good since first impression will always take a role for the rest.

Naturally there are some characteristics of the farmhouse exterior design that you can follow. It is commonly having the street appeal which is very unique and enteresting. You can also make it with columned porch, multiple gables, shutters and interesting roof lines that can really give you a farmhouse look. Basically those things are enough to bring out the warm, classic, and inviting look. People are able to recognize that your house is in gorgeous farmhouse look with all of those treatment. However, if you want something extra, you can add other farmhouse touches by making trusses over your garage doors, horizontal lap siding, the brick and stone installation will make perfect your farmhouse exterior. There are some adorable farmhouse exterior designs that we have compile to give you proper examples. You can look at our gallery down below. Enjoy the beauty of the designs and get inspired!

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