A patio is an outdoor space at home which is usually used to be a spot to enjoy the spare time, have dinner, or even a party. Simply, it is used as an additional useful space. Having a patio is a great idea and a plus point of a house. By applying a well decoration, the patio will be as comfortable as other room at home. In summer or spring, it is the best moment to enjoy the weather in the patio. But, what about in winter? Can we enjoy the weather or even held a party in the patio?

The answer will not make you disappointed. Enjoying spare time in the patio when winter comes is possible. But, you can do some tricky ideas to make you feel comfortable. First, if your patio does not have roof, then, to make warm ambiance, you may upgrade your patio with roof. It can also protect you from the coolness of snowy season. Use sofa rather than wooden seat set since sofa offers warmer ambiance. To get more relaxed, a rocking chair can be the additional item to use. Also, you will not let your table having nothing, will you? Centerpieces can be your solution. Make a DIY centerpiece using a little flower basket filled with flowers, green or dried leaves, and candles. As winter brings cool weather, just bring heater in your patio. You may use a fire-place to complete the patio. This idea can be followed by provide some blankets on the sofa. Set the light up to reach a good mood. You may use bulb lamps or twinkle lamps for a dramatic and romantic nuance. Lanterns are exciting enough to be installed. Moreover, there are some ornaments of winter you can choose, like wreath or garland. Green or rustic garland from tree branches will accessorize your patio beautifully. Look at these examples below to get some inspirations in decorating your patio.

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