A popular house decoration named rustic is now being adopted by some industrial house concept. Though the ambiance brought by rustic tends to be simple yet classic, but there are some excellent tricks to make it more modern. Elements like wooden may dominate the decoration. Wood is one of the most commonly used material inspite of stones and bricks. Rustic decoration accentuates unfinished wooden items. Wood is the fampus material in rustic theme since it is easy to find, cheaper, yet elegant.

Rustic industrial home decoration let you explore your ideas. A brick wall is one of the efforts to make a rustic decoration. You may not need to apply this brick wall to the whole house, but you can choose the right room to get this idea. As wooden furniture play significant role, you can put a seat set made from wooden in the living room. Furthermore, a wooden dining set can be also be the choice of this rustic theme. To store or show off our tools and pieces of ornaments, you can use wooden racks. Open racks are better since you can show off your pieces directly. Besides racks, cabinet can be your next choices to add furniture in your rustic house decoration. Once again, fustic does not mean as an old design, it offers something natural without a perfect finishing. The ornaments like wooden frames, lanterns, rattan baskets, palette storage boxes, bulb lamps, and so on are the example of rustic items. To give little touch on rustic industrial, you can appli iron as the additional material so that your house seems to be modern and fancy. Check the pictures below and find which decoration you love the most.

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