Winter is the season that is always awaited by everyone. During winter, the temperature becomes very cold. When we talk about winter, we can’t forget the snowy scenery. The scenery where everything is white gives a refreshing impression. With the weather, that will make someone lazy to go out. They prefer to spend time in the house while enjoying hot tea and gingerbread with a beloved mate. So, this winter, you can be creative by juggling your home’s monotonous decor to become a beautiful winter theme so that you will be more comfortable while in your sweet home.

In decorating the room into winter style, actually, it’s not too difficult. Identical colors with winter are white and gray. So, you can apply these colors to your room. Because winter coincides with the Christmas celebration, it doesn’t false to decorate your room with a Christmas theme. Presenting red and green as a symbol of Christmas that combined with white and gray as a symbol of winter. The most identical decoration with winter is snow. Many shops already sell these ornaments. So you can easily find it. The presence of the Christmas tree is also an icon of Christmas in winter. Then you can combine Christmas trees with snow decorations and others. Don’t forget for you to make a wreath that is hung in front of the door so that people who enter your house will feel that Christmas in winter will soon arrive. Wreath placement is not just for the door, you can place it in your living room or bedroom. Then, a very important place during the winter is the fireplace, so you also have to decorate the fireplace to be winter theme so that the winter atmosphere becomes more pronounced. Like some pictures below that show pictures of winter decorations. Let’s see it.

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