Having a child especially a boy is something that is awaited by some people. So, there’s nothing wrong with making a comfortable bedroom for them. In making a boy’s bedroom, they usually choose designs that suit their character and taste. It will have an impact on the comfort of your child in the bedroom. Because in addition to paying attention to the taste and character, comfort is the main key to a good bedroom.

In decorating your boy’s bedroom, you have to involve the child in designing their bedroom concept. With the way, they will feel proud and will appreciate their rooms more. The first thing to do in decorating a child’s room is to determine the concept that suits the desires and tastes of the child. Usually, children choose concepts related to their hobbies or their like. Next, start decorating the bedroom. There are several things that need to be considered in designing a child’s bedroom, namely determining safe furniture, colors that are in accordance with the concept, and structuring the room. The selection of children’s bedroom furniture must be chosen with a unique and interesting, such as the shape of the bed, study table, bookshelves and others. In choosing colors, children prefer bright colors. Rooms with bright colors give the impression of being cheerful and fun. For room arrangement, boys usually have more activity than women. So, spatial planning is needed here. Give a wide empty space for the child’s play area. To save space, you can make bookshelves taped to the walls of your room. For decoration of room walls, you can use a wall art sticker or photos and pictures that are installed on the room wall. Below, we present some pictures of the design of a boy’s room that can be your inspiration in decorating your child’s room. Let’s see it!

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