A green and beautiful garden is the dream of everyone. Green plants can make the atmosphere cool and fresh around the house. Besides that, seeing green leaves, green grass and flower blooming is also good for the eyes. The presence of the garden will also improve the air circulation there. It doesn’t matter how big the size of your garden is, you should be able to design it into a very beautiful garden.

In designing a garden, first you have to pay attention to how much garden you have. Then, start looking for some plants that you will plant there. It’s sure to bring grass there because it is an important aspect of a garden. You can choose plants that aren’t too complicated in the treatment. You can plant some plants in pots and arrange them in a strategic place or you can also hang them in front of the porch, but if you want to plant some plants directly in the soil, that is also possible. To enhance the appearance of your garden, you can plant some flowers there. Flowers that bloom will add to the beautiful atmosphere in your garden. Green garden and colorful flowers that grow around will be a center of extraordinary relaxation for their owners. You can place chairs and tables in your garden area, so you can enjoy the pleasure of drinking a cup of sweet tea and reading a favorite novel accompanied by a fresh and cool garden atmosphere. Don’t forget to put some garden lamps there too, or you can hang some lanterns in the garden area. So, when the night comes, a warm atmosphere will be felt there. When you have a dream garden, don’t forget to keep clean, beautiful and cool in the garden.  Don’t let the beautiful scenery disappear because there is a lot of garbage there. Like some pictures below, these pictures show the beautiful garden design that you can try at home. Let’s see it!

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