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45 Small Garden Design That is Still Beautiful to See

No matter how small your land is, remains it to build a garden is quite worthy since it can give you advantages where it is able to bring out the fresh air for your home and a good view to refresh your mind. It even can be used for your eyes health since the greenery is really useful to calm down your eyes tension after looking at the computer or gadget for a long duration. If you realize it, greenery has became a lifestyle nowadays where people are enthusiastically bring up the plants for their occupancy as they have their awareness on the importance of a fresh air that become limited these days because of the forest existance are reduced by the building construction. That is why we do recommend you to have a garden no matter how narrow the land is.

To make your small garden looks pretty, you can design it into dry or wet garden design. The wet garden is suitable for you who loves gardening and have much time to maintain it because it will need more treatment than the dry one. And if we could give you advice, we do recommend you to have the wet garden because gardening activity is really useful to refresh your mind, and the interaction between you and your plants can support your mental health. The dry garden is intended for you who are busy enough to even watering your plants. It is ussualy plant in pots and don’t need any soil maintenance just like the wet one because of the grass that should be treated well. You can also choose the plants that have good durability of living and can live in any condition bevause you may won’t have much time to take care of your plants. For the designs, we have prepared some great pictures of it to give you clear illustration so that you can get the ideas easily. Go get it now and have fun with your gardening activity!

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46 The Best Garden Design for Small Area

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