Living room may become the mainstay room for your family gathering so far. However, it gives troublesome sometimes when you have too many family members and your living room can’t accommodate your whole family. Here, you need to outsmart your home spaces so that it can be conjured up into a proper family gathering spot. From all of the spaces that you have, the most suitable might be your backyard. You may use your front yard, but it can’t give you privacy while your neighbors can see your activities there and that thing can be quite annoying, that is why choosing your backyard is so much more worthy for you than the front yard.

When designing your backyard as the family gathering spot, you can adapt your living room design. You can even apply such style that you love just like what you do for your indoor space like rustic, modern, Scandinavian, boho, and more. Still about the living room design guide, you have to choose the most comfortable seat. It will be best if you can bring sofa into your backyard, but if not, then just simply choose something that is comfortable enough for you to to treat your guests. When possible, install fireplace into your backyard, it will be useful when the weather is cold, the extra thing is that it could add beauty so that you can have both of functional and artistic value.Don’t forget with the lighting because backyard can be anybody’s favorite space to enjoy the night while looking at the stars and the warm weather. Your lighting could be in chandelier, string lamps, or if your spot is in form of patio, you can install the lighting on the patio. Please check out our gorgeous backyard design ideas that will be suitable for your family gathering. Find the most inspirational one and use that as your guide to design your own!

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