In general, the function of the garden is to refresh the atmosphere and provide a sense of comfort. The design of the park itself has many models. The park is a place to play in a house. A place to look for tranquility and fresh, cool atmosphere. So the need for a park, making the garden design provides a lot of inspiration in building a pleasant garden. Parks are always synonymous with plants. Whatever and however the design of the garden that we build, surely the resistance is displayed by a plant, its type, and its color. How a park will be built, determine what kind of plants will be planted. The idea of ​​a park with footpaths includes making your park an easily accessible area. Planting some grass along the road will look beautiful and neatly arranged. The concept of a garden with a fountain seems to be the most popular. This type of park can be applied to a beautiful front yard or back yard. To looks more presentable, provides its own places to plant each plant. Around the park will look spacious with neat green grass. To look the feel of the garden with several large plants such as tall green grass.

You can also try lilies garden. With lots of lilies with matching colors or can’t look beautiful. With a lily plant you don’t need a big tree, it’s just that you need lots of irregular lilies. Combine the color of lilies with strong colors such as red with yellow or lavender purple. This type of garden is very beautiful if you can make it like a character park with a unique model. You can make the concept of a garden with a pool in the middle of your back yard. Surround the pool with green grass that has been formed by a multilevel circle or circle. The cleanliness of the park is also a thing that cannot be forgotten. The green color is wide, you can handle tall grass types along your garden which also function as a guardrail.



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