Seeing the green scenery when opening the door of the house is a pleasant thing. Green scenery can be created from several plants and flowers in the garden. The presence of grass there can add fresh air in the home environment. So, it will be able to arouse enthusiasm from someone who feels it.

If you have free time, there is nothing wrong with gardening in front of your house. When gardening, you will feel the time passed very fast because time will not be felt when you do things that you like. The benefits of the presence of greenery are extraordinary. When decorating the exterior of the house can only be done by planting plants there. One of the plants that must be in your garden is grass. Grass greatly affects the freshness of the air. Not only that, but the appearance of a house will also be more beautiful with the presence of grass there. In treating grass, you need to water it once a day. Don’t forget to also give fertilizer to the grass to stay healthy and fresh. The grass will continue to grow and become high, so do pruning if the grass looks long and not neat. In order to keep your grass beautiful, give notice don’t to walk on the grass there. If you like outdoor places, place chairs, and small tables in your garden area. So, in the afternoon you can enjoy a cup of warm tea with sweet pastries. Don’t forget to put the garden lights there too, so that the warm atmosphere in the afternoon is more felt. I am sure you will definitely feel happy and comfortable there. For some area that little bit tricky to plant grass on there, you can use artificial or synthetic grass to make it simple.

As below, we present some pictures of grass garden design ideas that can inspire your beautiful garden. Let’s see it!

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