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55 DIY Pallet Chairs Design Ideas That You Can Try

Diy chair pallet design ideas taht you can try 50

If you have some unused pallets at home and much free time, you can try to make DIY  palette chairs. This idea relates to the higher awareness of the environment since you do recycling your palettes into more valuable things. Moreover, it is also environmentally friendly and surely has a competitive price. Though this idea tends to be simpler and cheaper, but some people like to try because of its uniqueness.

Palette chairs can be placed in whenever you want, indoor or outdoor. As a spot to relax, palette chairs is interesting to put in your patio or porch. But, if you want to have palette chairs for outdoor, you need to give them varnish touch so that they keep durable and look more elegant. For indoor furniture, palette chairs can be paired with palette coffee table with small wheels. These small wheels make you easy to move them. To make DIY palette chairs, what we need is the palettes. A chair needs two palettes. Take a good palette so that you can give good endings as well. Besides, you need some tools like wood-cutter, drill, nails, hammer, screwdriver, screw, and sanding sheets. Then, cut the palette into two parts, for the sitting and back part. Cut the junction pf the back.part diagonally to male a comfortable chairs. Also, don’t forget to give a cut for elbow. After that, apply sanding sheet to make all the surfaces smoother and avoid some splinters. The next step is put all together, the sitting and back part. You may add extra wood in the back to support weight without feeling worried of getting broken. The last step is finishing. Of you adopt the rustic theme for your interior, you are possible to have this rough finishing. But, if you want to put this palette chairs set indoor, you had better to give finishing touch by applying varnish. Here are some ideas you may use to get inspirations of making DIY palette chairs. Check them below and just try this amazing idea!

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