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54 DIY Drying Place Design Ideas


When rainy season comes, there are many things to prepare. One of them is keep our body to stay healthy because the weather will be extremely cool and wet. We have to consider about our supplies of clothes since we will rarely get the sunlight. For those who use dryer, it is better to still have a space to redry the clothes.

If you have a problem dealing with small space then you need a space for dry your clothes, you can make a DIY dryer for clothes on some spots in your house especially in the laundry room. First thing you can try is using pipes to make a simple dryer. Arrange the pipes as desired model using adhesive. Then hold it with chains on a board. Pipes can also be used for a dryer with vertically stand up to dry towels and bed sheets. The next idea is using a folding dryer. Since you are dealing with small space, this folding dryer will help you more. You can fold it up and down after you use it. Another idea is by using a dryer with light material and small wheels. This dryer will make you easy to move it to a strategic spot. The easiest and cheapest idea of making a dryer is using clothes lines. You can tie them up on two sides to get a strong horizontal lines. Hang the clothes using hangers. The advantages of making DIY dryer are that you can save the energy and save more money. Besides, DIY dryer simply make an aesthetical touch in your house especially your laundry room. The dryer can also make the clothes get dry faster. Now, it is time for you to get inspiration to make DIY dryer at home. Check these ideas below and get the best idea of dryer.


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