In summer where the weather is lovely enough to spend the night in the garden, we need to improve our garden facility so that you can really enjoy your fun night there. When it comes to garden decoration, the first thing that may come into our mind is the furniture since that will be the most crucial thing out there. However, there is another important aspect that you need to be concern that is for the light. You may think that in summer the stars and moon will shine so bright that even look like your private ceiling lighting, but trust me that won’t be enough because lighting still also needed to make sure that you get the vibe of the moment and also as your garden decoration to beautify and make your guests in awe.


For the installation, the first consideration that you have to make it on the spot that you want to install with the lamps. It could be along your garden walk path that will create a beautiful and elegant look as it allows you or your guests to feel special when walking through it. You install the lamps in small form lamps on the bottom that stick together with the ground or you can even have the standing lamps that look like lanterns to make it more stand out. The other idea is to install a lamp that can highlight your home. Here the lamps are installed in the garden and designed to face your home. It will surely wonder where your home will get spotted and look more luxurious. If you have a canopy in your garden, better for you to install the lamps in a position that can give your canopy a statement. You can install it as the canopy ceiling lighting or simply install a standing lamp near the canopy to make a more dramatic atmosphere when you are spending your time there with your family or friends. The gallery below will serve you with some adorable garden lighting installations. Hope you will love it and find the one that fits your garden and personal taste.

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