Redecorating project for you home in each season commonly only be done for your public room part like the living room, dining room, or porch. The thing that you may not realize is that there is also a room left in your home that used by your guests rarely and need to be given each season touch when it is changing, that is the bathroom. You can’t underestimate your bathroom decoration because even it is not exposed as much as other rooms, but it can describe your home quality because a good and clean bathroom will tell a lot for your whole home cleanliness so that if you don’t have a proper bathroom decoration and not concern on its maintenance yet, better for you to start giving your attention to it.

In case the season is going to be fall, try to give fall touches into your bathroom. It could be by adding some small pumpkin ornaments or any dry leaves decoration that could be in form of real leaves or simply trying to find furniture that have the pattern to indicate the season. Make sure that if you want to put pumpkin in the bathroom, don’t choose the one in a big size because bathroom commonly has narrow space so that if you put something too big over there you will make your bathroom looks crowded. You can also stick on some sticker or wallpaper that has the characteristic of fall season. Don’t forget to install lighting that can give your bathroom warm impression because in fall season the weather will be colder. We will serve you with some pictures that illustrate bathroom decoration with fall touches. Hope that it can inspire you and motivate you to have a better bathroom decoration. Good luck!

A patterned tissue box
Patterned tissue boxes
Accessories set city gate beach road lowes
Skull images decoration in the bathroom
Awesome hanging pumpkin
Awesome hanging pumpkin
Beautiful mason jars

Curtain to save your bathroom space.
Dried leaves curtain to save your bathroom space.
Decorative floral arrangement
Floral arrangement decoration
Elegant candle
An elegant candle and dried leaves for centerpiece in the bathroom
Elegant log cabin
Beautiful wall decoration
Extraordinary curtains pumpkin
An extraordinary pumpkin motif curtains
Fall colors shower curtain
Fall color scheme shower curtain
Fall leaves bathroom accessories set soap
Fall leaves motif on set soap holder
Fall shower curtain pumpkin stars

Fall shower curtain with pumpkin motif


Fall themed shower curtains
Fall themed shower curtain
Fall bathroom decor
Folige repurposed wine bottle vases
Dried leaves arrangement using repurposed wine bottle vases
Gourd and doll decorations
Gourd and doll decorations
Haging iron wall to save pumpkin
Unique towel hooks
Harvest apple and berry glass hurricane
Garland and pumpkin decoration on cabinet
Lantern pumpkin rug set
Pumpkin rug set
Marijuana flower pattern curtains
Dried leaves pattern curtain
Outstanding fall bathroom
Outstanding fall bathroom decoration
Patterned curtains
Patterned pumpkin curtain
Primitive harvest bok lantern
White pumpkins in glass vase
Pumpkin decoration under the mirror
Pumpkin decoration beside the sink
Pumpkin pattern mats
Pumpkin pattern mats
Pumpkin picture towel
Pumpkin picture on towel
Sets bathroom decor black and orange spooky bathroom
Black decoration with pumpkin motif on curtain
Simple and easy thanksgiving decoration
Simple and easy fall decoration
Style forest shower curtain set
Forest shower curtain set
Thanksgiving centerpiece

Dried leaves decoration


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