Rustic style always brings a warm feeling into the home. That’s why this style is very suitable for various seasons. With wood, metal, or even straw accents that you can apply to beautify and give an interesting impression about rustic style. You can use decorations like this in every room of your houses, such as a living room or family room with a chimney. But have you ever thought of implementing it in your bathroom?

The use of decoration using wood or metal in the bathroom is not a bad idea. Rustic style is now not a traditional decoration but can be applied in modern decoration. You can apply several wooden shelves in your bathroom to put towels or your toiletries. Besides, the placement of mirrors between these items will make your bathroom feel complete. This impression not only gives a sense of comfort but also the bathroom will look more attractive.

Wooden tiered storage on the wall at the corner
Wooden tiered storage on the wall at the corner
Wooden thick hanging rack
Wooden thick hanging racks
Wooden thick for table sink
Wooden thick for sink table
Wooden storage on besides a sink
Wooden storage beside sink table
Wooden pallet wall
Wooden pallet walls
Wooden long table sink
Long wooden sink table
Wooden long hanging rack
Long wooden hanging rack and sink table with drawers
Wooden ladder
Wooden ladder above white closet
Wooden ladder to store towels
Wooden ladder to store towels wooden sink table
Wooden hanging rack
Wooden hanging storage
Wooden hanging rack triangular
Triangular wooden hanging rack
Wooden hanging rack to store bathroom ornament
Wooden hanging racks to store bathroom decoration and towels
Wooden frame sliding mirror
Sliding wooden mirror
Wooden cabinet under the sink
Wooden cabinet under the sink
Wooden beam for table sink
Tiered wooden beams for table sink and wooden storage beside the bath up
White wooden wall and roof
White wooden wall and ceiling
Tiered storage on the wall
Tiered wooden storage on the wall
Simple wooden thick hanging rack
Simple wooden thick for hanging racks
Simple wooden table sink
Old wooden sink table
Simple hanging rack
Simple hanging rack above white closet
Simple hanging rack for your bathroom
Simple hanging rack for your bathroom
Rustic wooden table sink
Rustic wooden sink table
Rustic hanging rack to store lantern
Rustic hanging rack to store lantern and all wooden furniture in the bathroom
Piece of wood for table sink
Large wooden beam for sink table
Natural wooden table sink
Natural wooden sink table
Modern farmhouse bathroom with hanging rack
Modern rustic bathroom with wooden hanging racks and wooden mirror frame
Large framed mirror
Large wooden mirror frame
Hanging rack to store towels and houseplant
Hanging racks to store towels and bathroom decorationFarmhouse wooden table sink

Rustic wooden sink table

Diy hanging rack to store toiletries
Diy hanging rack to store toiletries above sink
Bathtub from wooden pallet and floor
Bathtub that made from wooden pallet and wooden pallet floor

The use of lights can also affect the attractiveness of your bathroom decor. Most people will choose to use warm colors for a more traditional impression and blend with the decorating theme that is created. If you have a bathroom with a window that is wide enough, you can use it as natural lighting during the day that is no less beautiful than lighting lamps. In addition, the lighting of natural lights can give the impression of back to nature and make you feel comfortable in the bathroom.

Placement of other accessories such as the wooden ladder can also be the right choice to beautify your bathroom. You must be more creative in choosing and installing other additional accessories so that the bathroom will look stunning. Many examples that you can choose as a model or as a reference if you want to make a rustic style in your bathroom. The following article will provide these references.

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