Having a luxurious kitchen is really worthy for you. Just try to think of it, if you can even apply luxurious things for your kitchen, then your other rooms must be more than the kitchen. Your guests will give extra value for you and being amazed with your house because you concern on your hone decoration well, even for the kitchen. It is also shown that you really respect with your health as kitchen is the heart of your home where healthy meals are made.

When you want to start juggling your kitchen to look luxurious, you may will be confused and troublesome. Yes, there is a limitation for kitchen to have luxurious design because kitchen don’t have certain furniture that the other rooms have to be prepared in luxurious one. However, there will always be ways for you to do the interior design project. The following explanation will tell you more about it that will be added with pictures to make it easier for you to master the information.


Use Artwork


You can add artwork such as a black and white abstract painting on the wall. Just look at the paintings above combined with the white island table, wooden storage cupboard and white walls. Black and White Abstrac Art from @eden__dayan_


This abstract wall painting with a touch of black and white and gold will produce an attractive luxury kitchen decoration. Installing one of these walls will result in a perfect home design. Abstrac Wall Art from @covetgroup

Change the Lighting


This gold pendant lamp with yellow lighting adds a dim feel to the entire room. Having a modern shape and style is suitable for you to apply to your luxury kitchen. Kitchen Chandeliers from @gregnatale


Lighting LED is very important for the decoration of the home room as well as the kitchen. Yellow lighting behind this cabinet is totally cool and anti-mainstream. LED Light Kitchen from @nomadacabinets



Open Shelving Cabinet


The existence of a cabinet in the kitchen is very important because the cabinet is a mandatory part of the kitchen. It can be used for decorating your kitchen too if you have an impressive one. Use open shelving kitchen cabinets to display your collection of luxury cutlery. Open Cabinet Storage from @settingforfour


Having an open cabinet storage design in this home kitchen will give a neat impression because it can accommodate a lot of furniture. Used to showcase antique ornaments, it makes the perfect centerpiece. Kitchen Cabinet Storage from @imperfectinteriors

Lighter Color Scheme


Choosing a white color scheme and bright lighting will make your kitchen brighter than usual. These decorations can make your kitchen attractive and unique and of course create a perfect kitchen design. White Color Scheme from @constructionweb


If you want to have an elegant impression on your kitchen decor, you should not install lights that are too bright. Vary the low-light kitchen lighting and combine it with kitchen island countertops, wood storage cabinets and white stone fireplaces. Neutral Kitchen Color Scheme from @merakiinteriors

Kitchen Window Decor


Here we have a white window that can be decorated with botanical curtains. Combined with furniture such as wooden chairs and wooden storage cabinets. Botanical Shade Curtain from @oakleymooreinteriordesign


There are many kitchen decorations that you can try, you just have to choose what you want to change from the kitchen, such as windows. Adding a sitting area equipped with curtains will also make your home decor more attractive. Kitchen Window Seat from @davonport_interiors

Kitchen Appliance Organizer


Some kitchen utensils placed in this storage cupboard will make the room neat and avoid clutter. You can also add a pantry beside this cooking utensil storage to make the room more comfortable. Kitchen Appliance from @frenchscabinets


The arrangement of kitchen utensils in this storage cupboard will provide a neat kitchen design and avoid clutter. Ktchen Appliance Storage from @balikitchencabinet


When decorating your kitchen, don’t forget to take concern on your kitchen appliances. Decorating kitchen utensils must also be considered to make your kitchen utensils look neat and orderly. The organizer above can show you how your utensils could be saved well. Countertop Ktchen Appliance from @edgartownrealty

Elegant Greenery


In creating a luxurious kitchen, don’t forget to place not only furniture and ornaments, but also green plants. You can add green vines on top of the kitchen island to give the whole room a natural and fresh impression. Hanging Greenery from @vlad_viz14


By adding green plants that dangle above, you can make your luxury kitchen warmer and fresher. You should also pay attention to choosing green plants that are low maintenance because they have the perfect design for your luxury kitchen. Add Greenery from @luxegreenerywalls


This luxurious kitchen is equipped with several green plants that will give the impression of a fresh room. Placing green plants in this cupboard will also be an interesting home decoration for you to try. Kitchen Greenery from @design_layer

The idea of redesigning your kitchen into the kuxurious one can be endeavored into several ways that will be in four main things those are the lighting, ornament, furniture, and greenery. For the lighting, it will be consist of common room lighting that installed on the ceiling and the accessories lighting that installed to create illusion into the furniture. In this case, the idea is by making the countertop and the cabinet bright with the lighting installation. You can do it into your other furniture if you want.

Then for the ornament, it may sounds strange to install some artworks into your kitchen but it is quite worthy if your purpose is to juggle your kitchen into the luxurious one. The artistic paintings are great or you can have the ornaments that have aesthetic value. Don’t forget to add greenery because it can bring out fresh and peaceful impression. Besides, greenery in your kitchen will give you warm look around your luxury things so that you can get the balance on the designs.


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