Window curtain as you know may only limited on the fabric material with different color and pattern. But here, we are going to offer you the new idea of the curtain design that is made of crochet. It is really worthy because it has so many different shape of knitting. You can also make it into several different colors combination with certain motif. This crochet curtain commonly loved by those who like boho style, rustic, or farmhouse. It lets you to have warm home impression that can bring you such a peaceful feeling.

On the application, you can set it to be in whole size of the window or you can make it only in half size of your window to beautify your window decoration. As it has its own unique design it can be utilized for both decoration and function. In case you will use it for the half window size, you should add other layer curtain of your window to cover it not to be seen from the outside.

Black rope curtain
Black crochet window curtain
Black and white pattern curtain
Black and white striped pattern crochet curtain
White knit sweater ideas
White knit curtain ideas
Red motife in white color curtain
Red flower motif in white crochet curtain
Blue and white patern curtain
Blue and white color crochet curtain
Patern black curtain
Black pattern crochet curtain
Pattern white curtain
White crochet curtain with fringe on below
Black knit curtain
Black knit curtain
Bohemian style shower curtain
Bohemian style shower curtain
Brown sweater curtain
Beige crochet curtain
Colorful pattern curtain
Colorful motif crochet curtain
Creative designs victorian lace curtains-interior
Small crochet curtains with flower pattern
Cute white pattern curtain
Love’s shape white crochet curtain with long fringe on below
Green pattern curtain
Green pattern curtain
Light blue curtain
Light blue crochet curtain
Long white curtain
Long white crochet curtain
Long white patern curtain
Long white crochet curtain with small pompom decoration
Patterns fish curtain
Green crochet curtain with fish pattern
Pink pattern curtain
Long pink crochet curtain
Roun red pattern curtain
Round floral pattern crochet curtain
Round white curtain
Small white crochet curtain with round floral pattern
Smart curtain for kitchen
Long crochet curtain with beads decoration
Square knit curtain
Long white knit curtain
Square white pattern curtain ideas
Square pattern on white crochet curtain ideas
Unique white pattern curtain
Short white crochet curtain with small floral pattern
White crochet curtain small fringe
White curtain from white rope
White crochet curtain with geometric pattern
White curtain in the kitchen
White crochet curtain in the kitchen
White curtain
Small white crochet curtain
Window treatment curtain
Long white crochet window curtain

As you can see from the mentioned pictures above, there are some different styles of the knitting ideas. There are also full window size crochet curtain that can’t cover your window, those are the kinds of the crochet that have wide gap in between so that here you need to add another layer too just like what you do with your half window size crochet curtain. Better for you to add the layer in a plain one so that your curtain won’t look too crowded.

For the application, you can install it for your any room window such as living room, bedroom, or even your front window. It will be surely awesome and worthy for you to install the crochet window that can be your home decoration at once. Those pictures above can be your references to choose your own crochet curtain. Choose the one that really fit your home style and personal taste so that you get your satisfaction.

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