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10 Garden Screening Ideas for Your Home Environment Privacy


Garden screening becomes people concern these days as it is really useful to add privacy around the houses. The privacy it self is not only for the safety of your house but also for the moment that you want to spend in your front yard or backyard. It is common for you to spend your summer time in your garden with your family and friends and it will be weird if your moment should be seen by your neighbor or people who walk pass in front of your house.

Garden screening can be designed by using some different materials but the most common is the wood. You can cut the wood into several styles just based on your needs. Bamboo is also great as it can give you certain impression and shape that will be quite different with the common wood. The following pictures will show you on how the wood and bamboo work for your garden screening. The styles are in varied as you can have lot of references to choose.


Natural garden screening ideas

Garden screens can be made from natural materials such as plants. You can start planting many plants in a row to be used as a fence. Cypress is one good option that you should try to make a garden screen that will naturally take quite a long time to wait because you should wait for the plants to grow.

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Exotic bamboo plants

Exotic bamboo plants will create an attractive appearance for your garden. This garden can be used as a cover for your old fence which has been weathered, can also be a new form of fence for your garden. The reason why you should choose bamboo is because this plant is fast growing and green to create pleasant comfort in areas outside your home.

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Modern-styled privacy screen

If you like a more modern style for filtering your garden, this is the right choice to make. This modern screening is designed by a vocal singing garden. It uses dark wood paneling combined with stainless steel as the main material and stainless steel that complements the outside area of your home. This living wall will fulfill beautiful expectations at the bottom of your deepest heart.

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Garden screen with leaves

Screening the garden using flower plant in purple color is really amazing. This kind of plant beside gives you such a pretty flower also gives you a lot of leaves to create an amazing effect from the side of the garden screen.

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Garden trellis screening ideas

The idea of screening the garden trellis is to make a durable fence that is made of teak wood. To add durability to the teak, try to paint it with wood paint that you can find on the market. This actually does not cover the entire look of the garden because this type of screening consists of many holes. To produce the more privacy you need, you can make use of the vines.

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Bamboo reed screening ideas

Choose a variety of the Bamboo shapes as a fence, you can have bamboo reeds. This is a great alternative layout that you can use to cover your area. One reason why people like to have this basic filtering, is because it is easy to carry. You simply buy and carry it in rolls, which are not easy to die and are easy to plant in an extraordinary area outside your home.

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Wooden slat screening ideas

The concept of wood chips from this screening will create a brilliant functional divider. This makes a great addition to your garden for partition and comfort. You can tidy it up with vines, fruit trees and slipped plants. Add backyard lighting to enter through the small spaces between each panel.

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For small homes with limited back space, large garden screens may not be important. So, a small scale screen will be needed. Make filtering this small wooden palette a wonderful addition to your outdoor space to create an impenetrable privacy screen. This will provide shade and an elegant windbreak for the people around the yard.

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Garden screen ideas with climbing plants

Try to impress your guests with flowers and plants. With a little gardening skills on the wall, you can make your backyard full of flowers. The natural colors of each flower will please your eyes and heart. Purple, pink, yellow, and green background complete the experience and tranquility of the flower garden in the backyard.

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Metal garden screen

This fantastic parasol metal panel design has a pattern that makes it harmonious with your garden area. Make decorative patterns with laser cut to add visual excitement and the sharpness in the eyes makes the metal fence more attractive. Make graphics and shapes to your heart’s content and don’t forget that you have to paint it so that it keeps the metal from rusting to make your fence durable.

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Greenery can be the other things that you can add into your garden screening. Beside for the beauty effect, it could give you such a peaceful and warm feeling since nature will never fail you to get those two feeling effect. Moreover, the greenery can also be used to make the wood tighter in case the wood has too wide spaces. The spaces can be covered with the vines that are easy and quite fast grow.

When your garden screening is ready with all of the additional ornament, then you can use it by providing the other ornament like sofa, fire pit, coffee table, and any other things that you want to cover your needs in enjoying your time there. Now, it’s time for you to choose the best garden screening design that is most suitable with your yard condition. Go prepare your own project!

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