To decorate the classroom in the Thanksgiving theme is quite worthy since it is the celebration that really has a meaning where people are asked to be grateful for what they get and have for their living from the harvest. To bring out the Thanksgiving spirit into the classroom can teach the student to be more grateful and respect the blessing in Thanksgiving.


Moreover, you can make the Thanksgiving theme stay along fall because the decoration will be matched with the fall theme as well. That is why it will be quite multi-functional to have it in the classroom. For the process of the decoration, you can do it with your students by making the DIY crafts together. It could be such a fun activity for them and build their willingness to maintain the decoration so that it could stay for a long time.

This DIY fall decoration can be really great for your classroom Thanksgiving theme. Make the owl garland craft that combined with the perfect Thanksgiving sentence sign to give your classroom transformation decoration. It will be really interesting for your students.


These are some of the decorations project that you can create for your classroom thanksgiving theme. Using a bucket filled with Thanksgiving ornament to strengthen the Thanksgiving spirit into your class. A scarecrow made with paper behind the pot that is added with road sign will serve you a perfect Thanksgiving decoration.


Prepare some coloring pen and colorful paper to make this DIY project. It will be fun to make it with your students since it is quite easy to be made. This bird craft is really proper with Thanksgiving craft as you can also utilize if for your classroom learning material.


This one is a really awesome and functional DIY classroom decoration. The tree decoration in a large size with a few pieces of leaves where the students can write what they are grateful for can be a very extraordinary decoration.


By creating a board with Happy Thanksgiving sentence that is adorned with perfectly colorful paper, you can make an extra Thanksgiving greeting into the classroom. The pumpkin decoration also bring the spirit of Thanksgiving that will make your classroom prettier.

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This DIY Thanksgiving decoration gives a full decoration for your classroom. It may needa lot of materials but it is really worthy since you can use it for three theme at once those are fall theme, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. Make the craft with your students so that it won’t need too much time to be done.

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This decoration is very simple and easy to make. It is useful to increase students’ activities. It is done by creating an Indian tend shape from brown color paper. You can ask the students to write their grateful feeling in Thanksgiving and then stick their works on the wall around the tend.

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Classroom decoration will be perfect by using board that is mounted on the wall. It is very impressive that can even motivating the students to study harder. By using leaf-shaped paper and pumpkin paintings that adorn the board, you will get an awesome decoration.


The scarecrow will create a perfect design on this board. You can add the decoration with a large tree followed with colorful leaves and several pumpkins made of paper to complement this decoration. This decoration aims to increase students’ enthusiasm in learning.


This is a large tree decoration combined with bird and leaves that is made made of paper. You can ask the students to make the pumpkin part with their names written on it. It can really useful to enhance the students’ activities at Thanksgiving.

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For the choice of the craft, you can choose the ones that won’t only functioned as the ornament but also to be your students learning media. If you look at our design references, you can see that most of them are used to write the students name, their grateful feeling for Thanksgiving, storage, and more. For the materials, to make it affordable you can simply use colorful paper, crayon, glue, and some materials taken from the garden.

In case you are going to make the DIY projects with your students, make sure that you plan to have the projects that are easy enough to be done by your students. Adjust it with your students grade and age so that it could be match with their skill ability. Again, you should maintain the timing of the projects that can be finished by your students and don’t need too much time so that the activity could be effective.

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