Living room can be said as the most important room in your home that is why to have the best design of it is such a must. Anyway if you have limitation in decorating your living room caused by the lack of space that you have, you don’t need to be surrender because there are still many things that you can do to solve the small space problem that we are going to talk about here.

From so many tricks that you can do, we have the basic things that will really work well to create a suitable living room even though in a small one. To make it easier, we will talk about each of the ways on down below. You can apply all of these things for your living room, but if you have lack of budget or you think that some of it won’t fit your living room then you can choose some of them.


Add Mirror


The design of this small living room is very stunning. Using classy furniture and combined with round mirror on the wall can make your living room looks spacious since mirror can give that kind of impression for the small room. Coupled with the perfect wall painting will make this living room special.

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Simple Coffee Table Design


A small living room is not easy to be decorated. You must find some designs that are perfect for small living room. By using this simple coffee table, you can make your living room looks calm and more spacious. Try it!

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Wide Window


The living room which is designed by using this wide window will make your lighting become more natural, and the most important is that it can make your small room looks wider. Coupled with elegant furniture and combined with wall paint in neutral colors to make your living room perfect.

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Bright Color Curtain


This is a very perfect living room design that using bright color curtains that will make your living room more colorful and wider at once. Coupled with brightly colored furniture will surely makes your living room elegant. With this perfect design, it might be your inspiration to remodel your small living room.

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White Sofa


White is the color that is often used by everyone for their living room. Coupled with white sofa that matches the white walls will make your living room look simple so that it could have wider impression. The design of this living room might inspire you to be applied for your small living room.

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Simple Wall Art


This will be the perfect living room design using blue abstract wall art to make your living room gorgeous. For your small living room, don’t apply too crowded wall art because it will make your room looks narrow. Coupled with some other supporting furniture, such as sofas, coffee tables and cabinets made of wood to make your living room looks classy.

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Neutral Color Rug


This small living room looks awesome with beige sofa combined with neutral white carpet to make your living room wider. Try this neutral color combination that you may need in case you are looking for a neutral color scheme living room design.

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This living room design is perfect if you want to find peace. By using green plants, you will make your living room become more natural. Especially with green wall paint, green tail, and green sofa can make your living room more perfect.

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You can see that almost the designs are in neutral color schemes although there is one living room design with green color scheme. Basically you can use any color that you like, but it is better for you to use the neutral one because it can make your room looks more simple that will give the spacious effect. For the green color, it is still possible because green is the color of nature which is warm and peaceful.

For your additional advice, you can put things that only really needed in your living room not to make it crowded. It is still allowed for you to put some ornament as long as you do not too much on it. For the wall art, choose the simple design to create the calm and simplicity into your living room.

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