To create a fabulous Bohemian decoration for your home you may think to focus only on the ornament that can really works well to create such an effective Boho decoration. In fact, you should also consider on the furniture because furniture will take the most important part for your any room decoration related to its function. Let’s talk about it more on down below for each room furniture needs to create a really fabulous Bohemian home decoration.


Living Room Furniture

For the living room, as it is known that the furniture will be consist of chairs or sofa, coffee table, and storage. Here, you can focus on those three things. After that you can move to the other additional touch to strengthen the Boho impression like rug, throw pillows, and ornament that can indicate Boho styles.

This Boho theme living room looks great with the colorful pattern chair combined with colorful boho patterns on the rug.
Round coffee table in Bogo style added with rug and sofa cushion in Boho patterns to decorate your Boho theme living room
Boho chair designed to be made from straps and Boho style chandeliers to fit in your living room
Round coffee tables in Boho style to create bohemian living room decoration that added with Boho throw pillows and ornament to strengthen your Boho design
Bohemian living room design with some nature element furniture combined with patterned rug, white curtain, and decorative lighting to decorate your Boho living room
Wooden coffee table and lazy chair to create a bohemian atmosphere that is added with unique rugs and throw pillows for the Boho spirit.

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Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen decoration commonly will be focused on the function side than the aesthetic value so that here you may will need less ornament to strengthen the Boho impression for your kitchen furniture. You can apply Boho touch for the chairs of your kitchen island, kitchen cabinet, or racks.

Kitchen bohemian style with rattan stool chair for kitchen island and unique chandelier to create good lighting
Kitchen that integrates with boho style by using unique pattern on blue base chairs to make it look attractive.
Simple kitchen bohemian style with pink kitchen island and wooden stool chair
Wooden chair, wooden kitchen island table, and unique chandelier can be used to decorate your kitchen in creating bohemian atmosphere.
Small kitchen island to store few bottles added with Boho pattern rug to make your bohemian kitchen style.
White kitchen decoration presents a bohemian theme by adding rattan chairs and hanging lamps with ball shape for your inspiration.

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Bedroom Furniture

For the bedroom, you can express yourself more freely here since it will be your private room and become a place where you can apply anything that you think good and needed. You can add some ornament on your furniture to create a really fabulous Boho bedroom decoration. The following pictures will tell you more on how you can bring your bedroom into the style that you want.

Bed with a boho touch by adding white curtain around with iron frame which is really pretty and calm
Minimalist bedroom with an iron bed frame to show up Boho style atmosphere. Add a unique night stand, yellow table lamp and dream catcher for wall decoration
Stunning bohemian bedroom features with eclectic colors and patterns throughout the whole bedroom and adding a unique night stand to store houseplant
Carved wooden headboars and small night stand to compliment your room furniture by adding unique bed linen patterns for a boho style touch
Hanging bed from strong rope for your bedroom by adding a pillowcase with a bohemian touch to create fabulous boho room
Wooden pallet bed with unique bed linen pattern for boho style touch. Give your pillow with boho pattern style case to strengthen your bed boho style.

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Bathroom Boho Furniture

Commonly Bathroom will be the room that people confuse on how to make it into certain decoration that they want because bathroom doesn’t have too many things to be explored. To give you ideas and references we have prepared some fabulous bathroom decoration in Boho style. You can apply the Boho touches into the bath tub, basket, storage, racks, chairs, and table in case there are some bathroom that provide table to put things.

a bright boho bathroom with a mosaic tile floor boho rattan basket to store dirty clothes to make it look neat
bright bohemian bathroom design with white bathtub and bohemian patterned chairs that decorate your room
contemporary meets boho space with unik rattan table to store toiletries and rattan basket to store dirty clothes
unique bathtub with a bohemian theme and add a unique motif rug
unique bathtub with a boho style pattern that matches the wall for your bathroom
unique buffer table to store pots greenery in your bathroom makes a cool atmosphere

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