Talking about farmhouse style, it is no wonder if the wood will dominate the material of the decoration. Because of its nature element and certain impression that the wood has so that wood fit the farmhouse well. For the example, you can have it for your furniture, ornament, and any other decoration needs. Since wood has some characteristics that will allow you to form it easily then you can have such a wide range of stuffs with it.

Furthermore, the good thing about decorating your farmhouse home style is that you can do it yourself. It is quite worthy whether for the budget or the way you create it. For your advice, you can use the wood pallet and have some DIY project of it. In hence, to give you references, we have collect some great DIY projects for your farmhouse decoration as follows.


Coffee Table

The coffee table here has a dark wood color. Anyway, it also has such a unique wood pattern which is really awesome. You can even get the artistic impression of your wood pallet coffee table. For a better utilization, you can add shelf under the table where you can put your magazine, snacks, and other important things for your living room.


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Look at how adorable in its warm look this chair could be. Anyway, this chair might be proper for your seat, but for your comfort you need to add pad. Certainly you’ve known that wood has a hard surface characteristic so that you need to add something to make it soft and comfortable. This striped pillow and pad in neutral colors can fit the wooden chair perfectly.


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This small storage is quite interesting to make. It is also very simple where you just have to nail the pallet to create rectangular shape box. After that, you can hang the storage on the wall. Set it to be near with the electricity so that you can have a proper storage for your gadget while it is charging.


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Mirror Frame

This farmhouse mirror made of reclaimed wood pallets. Get a better look for your mirror in this classic and warm design. It might be the easiest wood pallet craft that you can make where you just need to apply the pallet around the mirror.


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Ladder Shelf

By making this ladder storage rack you can store some of your home appliances here. For the aesthetic side, you can arrange the size of the pallet to be different for each stage. Moreover, this style can also let you to divide the things from the small on to the biggest. It is useful so that all stuffs can have their own exact spot.


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Wood Pallet Bar

You can create a bar using the palette just like what we have in the image below. This bar has the letter U design and made with spaces between the pallet for the bar body part. In this case, you can add the pallet under the bar table to create the racks. Use the rack to put your bar things, then if you want it you can put some storage. Anyway the storage is also important because it can make your stuffs have a good arrangement and classification.


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Mug Holder

I really like this project. By using a pallet, you can cut it into pieces and arrange the pallet to form the proper mug holder. After that, simply install the hooks to hang your mugs. You can adjust the hooks based on your needs, weather for the design or even the budget. Even more, your mug holder will look more attractive if you give any word painting of it just like what we have below.


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After all, you can see that the designs of the wood pallet craft are really easy. Moreover, those are also have a good possibility to make. You can even make your own coffee table and the chairs at once. Those two furniture are really adorable with its design and style to bring the farmhouse impression. Even more, you can have your own wood pallet bar if you like to enjoy some beverage at home.

Again, for the decoration needs, simply create some decorative planters shelf in ladder form or planter rack to hang on the wall. Then, add it with some greenery to strengthen the spirit of farmhouse style. Moreover, it is also possible for you to utilize the ladder to store your ornament or other stuffs. Anyway, for the color of the wood it self, better for you to let it just that way with its natural wood color which is really warm and awesome.

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