Basically there are some things that you can do for your Christmas decoration. It consist of indoor and outdoor decoration where the outdoor commonly done in the front yard. It is because your front yard exposed more than the back yard. Here, you can build the spirit of the Christmas and share it with others even for those who just walk through in front of your house.

Moreover, for the indoor decoration you can focus for your living room. Due to the needs where mostly you will spend your Christmas moment in the living room, then give your best effort there. The other important room that you should deal with for the Christmas decoration is the dining room. You know that having a Christmas dinner is such an important thing and something important to do with your family or even close friends. Check out the following explanation then.



Fireplace is one of the crucial parts that should be decorated. It is because the fireplace must be utilized since Christmas occurs in winter. That is why to keep you comfortable and can really enjoy the moment, you should make use the fireplace. In hence, decorate it well so that you can really feel the spirit of the Christmas.


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Christmas Tree

Obviously, when it comes to Christmas, to provide the Christmas tree is a must. Basically there are some different kinds of Christmas that you could have, adjust your capability and home condition to choose the right one. This one is the glorious and festive design that you can imitate. However, to have it in a smaller one will also worthy.


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Dining Table

In decorating the dining table you should consider to some things. It is not only on the good decoration but also on how the dining table could be proper for the dining moment. In case you have a big family member and need such a wide dining table space, then don’t put too much ornament there. In otherwise, you can give such a crowded decoration if your dining room is wide and you don’t have big family member.


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Coffee Table

Coffee table is the important furniture for any living room. In order to complete you living room sofa or seating, you will definitely need it. You can give your coffee table with simple decoration so that it won’t lose its function. Remember that you need the table to put the beverages and snacks.


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White Christmas theme shows the peace and tranquility of the celebration. In this decoration, the window is painted in white color and the ornament added are also in white scheme. It will be a really harmonious window decoration weather on the color scheme and the things added. Look at the white snow and sparkling star which are really match with the color.


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Entryway gives the first impression for your guests. It is because the entry way is the first area of your house that people see when they visit your house. You can decorate it with some twigs or even the Christmas tree just like what we have on down below.


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Front Door

Beside for the entry way, your front door will also become the part of your house that should be decorated well. The difference is that the front door is the part of your outdoor decoration. Simply decorate it with things that you apply to your Christmas tree and you’ll get the Christmas spirit directly.


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Front Yard

Decorate your front yard with such a bright decoration. It is really suitable for Christmas since it is one of the most important celebration. Due to that thing, you can install the lighting just anywhere you want it. Even more, you can install it to form certain shape like the Santa, snow, or the words.


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If you look at the pictures above, you can see that the outdoor decoration is so much more glorious. It is because the outdoor doesn’t have the limitation of space where it is located in a wide open air space. Here, if you only give simple and common decoration, you can’t have a special Christmas decoration. It will influence on how far you can bring out the Christmas spirit into your yard.

Above all, the point is that you should proper the decoration by adjusting your capability. Make sure that you choose the affordable one based on your budget. As long as you can decorate the spots and parts that we have mentioned above, you’ll definitely have the proper one. Anyway, if you think that you should do some other parts of your house with the decoration, then just do it. Have fun and Merry Christmas anyone!

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