Christmas is an annual moment that awaited by many people. This moment became one of the important moments as well as a family gathering event. In addition, many people decorate their homes with various decorations to bring the atmosphere of Christmas. And for those of you who own an apartment, you can still decorate it in an interesting way. Although the apartment has a limited area, it is not an obstacle to creating a pleasant Christmas decoration. Well, here are some examples of apartment designs to bring Christmas spirit into your apartment.


Living Room

So that the living room feels very comfortable, you can give a personal touch to the Christmas decorations. For example, combining a variety of old accessories that you have with a variety of favorite traditional ornaments. Moreover, you can also place a modern-style sofa, a Christmas tree and some pillows with shades of color and cheerful motifs placed on it. As a result, this can bring a familiar atmosphere in your living room.

a beautiful living room Christmas Spirit into Your Apartment with stockings, a decorated Christmas tree, a colorful lighting installation or a creative message on one of the walls.
Amazing Christmas Spirit into Your Apartment with Christmas tree decorations, fireplaces, white chairs, burlap carpets, wooden tables, and ornaments.
Awesome Christmas Spirit into Your Apartment with colorful themes, colorful chairs, colorful tables, patterned brown rugs, ornaments, and fireplaces to occupy the room.
Adorable Christmas Spirit into Your Apartment with fireplace, Christmas decoration, patterned sofa, glass table, and glass lamps.
Affordable Christmas Spirit into Your Apartment with wooden walls, fireplaces, Christmas decorations, shabby gray sofas, patterned carpets, small wooden tables, and long motif curtains
Unique Christmas Spirit into Your Apartment with white themes, white patterned walls, Christmas trees, white wooden tables, white sofas, and fireplaces.
Affordable Christmas Spirit into Your Apartment with shiny wooden tables, white sofas, fireplaces, Christmas tree decorations, ornaments, and large rich.

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Christmas decorations are not just in the guest room, you can take them to the bedroom. All you have to do is give Christmas shades in the bedroom through the colors and patterns of the sheets and bed covers, curtains, carpets, etc. You can also hang various ornaments on the headboard, bed legs, or other parts. If necessary you can also add string-lamps and small Christmas trees.

Decorate the bedroom with Christmas tree decorations, gray walls, wooden benches, patterned carpet, thick fake fur blankets.
Decorate the bedroom with thick down blankets, down blankets, Christmas decorations, windows, and long Corden.
Decorate the bedroom with Christmas decorations, thick white blankets, patterned long cushions,
Decorate the bedroom with Christmas decorations, thick white blankets, long patterned cushions, windows, floral arrangements, wooden tables, fake fur carpet, and wooden floors.
Decorate the bedroom with patterned bed linen, thick white blankets, wall bouquets, wooden cabinets, white carpets, windows, and Christmas trees.
Decorate the Bedroom with shabby gray themes, shabby gray bed sheets, shabby gray blankets, white cushions, windows, soft gray benches, and Christmas trees.

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In decorating a balcony, you don’t have to decorate it in a luxurious way. We just need to use plants, colorful ornaments garlands, wreaths, and small Christmas trees. For lighting problems, you can put a small LED light around the balcony fence. Also, do not forget to put chairs and coffee tables so you can relax in the balconies.

Decorate the balcony with This green and blue decoration idea is absolutely breathtaking, The color combination is unique and very flattering, The image here is of the porch, but you can decorate your balcony the same way.
A Simple Greens Garland The decoration is kept minimal in this idea Just an evergreen island is doing wonders here.
Decorate the balcony with an outdoor bench laid with colorful plaid cushion and blanket. You can even place a wreath at the opposite end.
Decorate the balcony with beautiful Colorful This balcony is decorated with colorful ornaments garlands and wreath.
Decorate the balcony with If you have a cozy and covered balcony, decorate with a tiny Christmas tree. You can even enhance the decoration with a candle chandelier.
Decorate the balcony with Make Use Of The Lightings Christmas decoration is incomplete without lightning, To decorate your balcony with as many LED lights as you want to make it shine during Christmas.
Decorate the balcony with Warm And Cozy I’m feeling fuzzy and warm just looking at the has placed a sled in place of the center table. And the chair is laid with furry blankets.

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Those are some room designs that you can use so that the spirit of Christmas is increasingly felt in your apartment. In order to get a beautiful room design, you have to be smart in combining ornamentation to create a unique and pleasant room. I hope the picture above can provide inspiration for you.

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