When Christmas comes, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind would be a Christmas tree. Gifts, socks, and mistletoe follow. All people remember about indoor decorations and simply forget outdoor ones. 

Outdoor decorations are the first things that your neighbors see. Those decorations include mistletoe for your front door, some dwarfs, and sleight. Your sleigh decoration will be the talks as only a few people will think about that. Check out the following ideas.

1. Decorated Sleigh

When snows are outside your house, the view of a sleigh perfects it. This is fun for your kids as they will think that Santa just came to your house. Decorate it with some greens, pines, and gifts. You don’t need to paint it red as any color will do. 

Sleigh decorated with pine leaves covered with snow and combined with pine tied together using red ribbon.
Decorated sleigh with pine leaves, pinecones, berries and brown ribbons to complete your Christmas decoration.
A decorated sleigh combined with artificial plants, lights and ribbons that make the decoration more beautiful.
A sleigh made of wood combined with white Christmas gift for the simple home decoration.
Shiny brown sleigh combined with colorful decorative lights and a little bit evergreen to decorate your table.
Sleigh christmas decoration in creative and fun ideas to decorate your very classy home.
A sleigh made of wood coupled with decoration of pine leaves, red berries and white owl make the decoration looks cute.

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2. Lean it Against the Wall

If you have a long sleigh, you can lean it against the wall. But don’t stop there. Decorate it with socks, pines, and greeneries. You can also add some details with skate delight and ribbons. If your wall has some decoration on it, lean the sleigh against a tree. Then your house will be fully decorated.

A wooden sleigh was placed in the corner of the wall with pine decoration and snow shoes tied with red ribbons .
Wooden sleigh leaning against the wall that combined with decorative frame made of pine leaves, twigs and white ribbons to make it looks simple.
The wooden sleigh leaning against the wall was added with the decoration of candles enclosed in wood and pine leaves tied on a surfboard.
A wooden sleigh leaning against the wall combined with bouquets of pine leaves and red ribbon decorations that add beauty.
A wooden sleigh leaning against a wooden wall decorated with gifts and a bucket of pine leaves to complement the decoration.
Sleigh leaning against the wall made of wood that combined with floral arrangements from pine leaves, berries and cool-looking black and white ribbons.
A wooden sleigh with pine bouquets, red lights and colorful ribbon decoration that make the decoration looks amazing.

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3. Sleigh Planter

When sleigh decoration is all about Santa, red, and gifts, using it as a planter is also acceptable. This is perfect if you have a small sleigh as bigger decoration won’t fit in it. Your small greeneries will sit well while helping you celebrate the holiday.

A black wooden sleigh with the evergreen in it to make it looks good and fresh.

image source

A small white sleigh which applied with beautiful pine leaves, berries and pine.

image source

A red wooden sleigh combined with small green Christmas tree to make it looks fresh.

image source

A small wooden sleigh coupled with colorful flower that looks very charming.

image source

Red snow combined with pine leaves, berries, white flowers and attractive black and white ribbons.
Red rattan sleigh that used to put the evergreen and small snowman for more unique ornament.

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