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15 DIY Bedroom Decoration for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

The most magical and memorable time in the year, Valentine’s Day is an annual event worth celebrating for every couple. To make things special, people usually celebrate it in mainstream ways, ranging from candlelight dinner in a fancy restaurant, late-night drink dates, or short romantic getaway. However, if both of you don’t favor the crowd that much, you might want to stray away from the ordinary and take the celebration back home.

Although people would pay bucks for costly dining and beverages, sometimes the best way to spark up your romance is at home. With these 3 DIY bedroom decoration ideas, prepare for the most unforgettable Valentine’s Day with your beloved one.

1. Intimate Bedroom Decoration with Love-Shaped Rose Petals 

Being the main focus of your bedroom decoration, make sure that you put all of your efforts into your bed. One of the simplest and easiest ways to spice your bedroom up is to put love-shaped rose petals on the bed and everywhere in the bedroom. If you want to go fancy, you can add candles and wine to lighten up the mood. Surprise your beloved with this fancy set and let him/her be mesmerized.

Decorate the bed with DIY love accents look simple but give the perfect romantic impression. Love accents made of red rose petals look perfect for your valentine’s decorations.

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To give a perfect valentine touch on the bed, using rose petals is the best idea. Lay it on your bed in the form of love will look more attractive.

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Putting rose petals in the form of love on your bed will give a romantic valentine feel. Then sprinkle red rose petals around the bed so that it will look more attractive.

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Simple bedroom decoration with a sprinkling of flower petals in the form of love will enhance your valentines decoration so it looks more romantic and comfortable.
If you want to give a romantic touch in your bedroom, put rose petals in the form of love so that it will provide a happy feeling for your lover.

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2. Romantic Heart Balloons for a Grandeur Bedroom Decoration

Putting the phrase “love is in the air” literally, a balloon bouquet will impress your partner and leave a lasting impression. Although it is simple and easy to make, this balloon bouquet will look glamorous in the bedroom and add a romantic atmosphere to the overall look.

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DIY balloons with string to decorate your bedroom will give a simple yet perfect Valentine’s feel. Add rose shaped petals that love so that it will look more romantic.

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Decorating a Valentine’s bedroom with a DIY project is fun. A red balloons strung with a string and allowed to float will increase your decor so it looks more attractive.

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Love balloons equipped with DIY craft made of paper look perfect for decorating your valentine’s bedroom so it looks more attractive.

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DIY love balloons equipped with photos with your partner will enhance your valentine’s bedroom decor so it looks more romantic.

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To give a romantic feel to your valentine’s bedroom, using a love balloon is the perfect idea. A red love balloon will thrill your valentines decorations so they look perfect.

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3. DIY Garland for Bedroom Decoration

Another way of Valentine’s decoration in the bedroom is using DIY garland. Shape the garland in heart shape or everything you want that represent of Valentine’s vibe. You can hang the garland on the headboard or on the wall of your room. Try to use a red color because red is a fiery yet sensual color, thus essential in a Valentine’s Day decoration.
Whether you decorate your bedroom with your partner or keep it a secret, these simple, DIY Valentine’s Day bedroom decoration ideas will surely make your Valentine worthwhile.

Simple valentine bedroom decoration with garland on the headboard is the perfect idea. Love garland made of paper will give a feel of valentine in your bedroom so it looks more beautiful.
To give a touch of valentine in your farmhouse bedroom, DIY garland made of burlap is the perfect idea. Garland with the words Love will give a romantic feel.

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DIY Love Garland will enhance your valentine’s bedroom decor so it looks more festive. Add heart accents on your bed so it looks amazing.

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Decorating your valentine bedroom with DIY garland made of a combination of white and red balloons will make your bedroom look more festive.

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DIY garland pompoms which are hung above the bed will enhance your bedroom decor. Add a pillow with a love motif to give a simple valentine vibe.

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