17 Fireplace Designs to Create the Coziest Living Rooms

Fireplace is an ultimate feature in a cozy living room, especially if you live in a four-season country. Nothing feels more comfortable than enjoying a warm fire and hot drink during a snowfall. The word “fireplace” probably make you imagine a bulky brick design. However, there are many fireplace designs with interesting and refreshing details.

Here are five fireplace designs you can consider for a cozy living room.


1. Scandinavian Fireplace

The sleek, seamless, and no-fuss Scandinavian design trend has influenced fireplaces. Nowadays, you can find fireplaces with clean lines and humble designs. Some fireplaces even have smaller sizes than the other typical products, which make them perfect for small living rooms.

Using a white fireplace will provide a Scandinavian vibe in your living room.

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White Scandinavian fire place will enhance the decoration of your living room so it looks cleaner and simpler.

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Floor to ceiling fireplace with white color is one of the representatives of the Scandinavian style.

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Scandinavian fireplace will make your living room look cleaner and more modern.

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2. Black Brick Fireplace

Bored with an old-fashioned brick fireplace? Create a modern, moody look by repainting the bricks black. By removing the grout lines and covering the surface with a coat, you create a distinctive elegance that not every homeowner can achieve, especially in a supposedly cozy room.

To create elegance in the living room, adding a black brick fireplace is the right choice so it looks more attractive.

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Using a black brick fireplace with a white coat looks very attractive so your living room looks more beautiful.
Choosing a black brick fireplace for decorating the living room will enhance your decor so it looks more modern.
Decorating the living room with a fireplace will feel warm and comfortable. Black brick fireplace will enhance your decor so it looks more modern.

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3. Fireplace with Stylish Screen

If you have a traditional fireplace but don’t have time or money to change it, play with the screen. Many fireplace screens come with stylish decorations, colors, and artworks. The cover will make your fireplace interesting enough without having to change anything about its structure.

The black fireplace with a black glass screen looks simple but still extraordinary in your living room.
Fireplace screen will enhance the fireplace decoration in your living room so it looks more attractive.

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Black fireplace screen that made of metal and glass will provide beauty in your living room so it looks more attractive.

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4. Fireplace with Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles add creativity and attractive flair into a fireplace design. You can choose specific tiles to invoke a different atmosphere. Mediterranean or Moroccan tiles add sophisticated elegance, while graphic tiles look more modern. Choose tile colors that correspond with your living room’s color scheme.

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Having a fireplace from floor to ceiling will provide perfect beauty and warmth in your living room. Use a mosaic tile fireplace so it will look amazing.

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Fireplaces with mosaic tiles will provide beauty in your living room so it looks more creative.

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An amazing living room with a fireplace made of mosaic tiles looks simple but still extraordinary.

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5. Black Marble Fireplace

A marble fireplace looks luxurious and elegant, but black marble adds a touch of edge. Black marble with subtle markings exudes a balance between classical beauty and modern edge. This fireplace is perfect for a living room with eclectic decoration, which combines the old and new.
Create a cozy living room by adding a fireplace into the room. Make it look better by improving the fireplace design.

Black marble fireplace will provide luxury in your living room and look more elegant.

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Decorating the living room with a fireplace will provide perfect warmth. Use a black marble fireplace so it will look more elegant.

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Luxury fireplace made of black marble will enhance the decoration of your living room so it looks amazing.

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